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If you're mad about metallic and willing to DIY, you may be looking for the perfect big-day project. Prepare yourself for the crafts that will answer your prayers, because we've got two great ideas to try. Golds, silvers, and other shimmering hues can easily amp-up your wedding-day items. Here, we offer two different ways to slap something shiny on whatever you choose-be it your photo album, stationery, or bridal party gifts. Not only are these projects easy, but they're chic and customizable, too.

Try a Transfer

Go for the gold (or silver)! Foil metallic appliqués can turn any notebook or journal into a chic, personalized photo album, thank-you gift, or guest book. This project is as simple as choosing a finish you like online, then uploading your design-which might be your wedding date, your monogram, or a simple message. You'll receive rub-on transfer sheets in the mail. For a smooth application, use a dull, flat object (like a Popsicle stick or bone folder) to apply the design to the desired surface.

The Details: ReproGraphX custom transfer sheet, from $20, From top: Sketchbook (similar to shown), $7, Sketchbook (similar to shown), $25, "Volant" pocket plain notebook, $12 for 2,

transfer sheet gold foil

Go Freestyle

If you'd rather create designs by hand, you can apply metallic doodles, dashes, dots-or whatever strikes your fancy- using a "Heatwave" pen ($30, This kit comes with ready-to-apply sheets of foil in various shiny tones. Place the sheets on a matte surface, then use the pen to transfer the metallic color for a tiny detail or an allover pattern. Here we added a touch of gold to jewelry boxes (in Teal Matte and Pink Matte, $63 for 100, Our tip for an even transfer: Hold the pen with a slant-free grip, and apply steady pressure as you write.


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