We're laughing so hard right now.

By Sarah Schreiber
January 17, 2018
David Harbour

David Harbour is ready to begin his career as wedding officiant, but he has a few demands first. The Stranger Things actor, known for hilariously carrying out his fans' absurd requests in the past, just revealed what would need to happen before he agrees to pronounce one lucky couple husband and wife.

When a Twitter follower asked him to perform her September wedding, he said yes, providing the bride can get 125,000 retweets on her request. His other demands are equally as hilarious (and ridiculous!). "I get to read an esteemed love letter of my choosing, and after the cake is officially cut, I get the very first piece," he explained on Twitter. We're not sure whether or not that means the bride and groom have to feed him that first piece instead of smashing the cake into each other's faces, or if the actor simply wants to be served before other guests. Although the latter is certainly a silly request, we're extremely intrigued by the former. We'd love to find out which reading Harbour would choose.

But for a bride planning her wedding, achieving 125,000 retweets on Twitter is no small feat. Another fan, though, was able to pull off a similar situation last year. When a high school student asked the actor to pose with her for her high school yearbook photo, he agreed-so long as she fulfilled his requests first. For that request, Harbour asked for 25,000 retweets on her message and to be allowed to wear a school sweatshirt and hold a trombone in the photo. The student pulled it off, and sure enough Harbour showed up to make that photo happen. So, providing that this bride can meet his demands, it seems as if he'll actually make good on his promise.

The Internet is highly supportive of this endeavor. "Does anybody have 100 usernames for me to make new accounts? I need to retweet this. David is going to her wedding," one user wrote. "You hit your goal and get him there I'll make your cake!" another wrote.


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