The traditional petal toss is nice, but there are other options, too.
Flower Girl Hairstyle French Braid Side Pony

There's a good chance that your flower girl is just as excited as you are about her role in the wedding. In addition to deciding what she'll wear-will she don white or dress in the same color as your bridesmaids?-you'll want to give some serious thought to her walk down the aisle. Traditionally, the flower girl enters the ceremony just before the bride and tosses flower petals from a basket, but today's modern couples are opting for more unique alternatives. If you'd rather save the stunning blooms for your centerpieces or your own bouquet, here are some fun, out-of-the-box items for your flower girl to throw (or carry) down the aisle.


Also known as kissing balls, these spiced orange balls are both beautiful and smell lovely, making them an ideal option for a flower girl to tote down the aisle. "Pomanders can be customized to coordinate with bridesmaids' bouquets or with seasonal themes," explains Mary Stevens, principal floral designer for Fearrington Village and Fearrington Weddings in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. "They can also be hung as additional decoration at the reception entrance giving them an extra life during the post-wedding celebration."

Mini Posy Bouquet

If you love the idea of having a flower girl that looks like a miniature version of the bride, ask your florist to create a petite version of your bouquet for her to carry. "A few beautiful stems of rosemary and other herbs, wildflowers with berries, or even a very small replica of the bride's flowers will be beautiful and easy for the flower girl to manage," suggests Anastasia Stevenson, a floral and event designer. Your youngest attendant will be excited to have a bouquet like the rest of your bridesmaids.

Ribbon Wands

Little girls love fairies, and the accessory most fairies carry is a wand. Why not give your flower girl a beautiful, floral- or ribbon-clad wand to wave as she walks down the aisle? "Just imagine how cute little flower girls skipping down the aisle with whimsical wands adorned with beautiful blooms or trailing colorful ribbons would look," describes Stevenson. "These always result in magical photos!"

Floral Purse

For flower girls young and old, you can't beat a small purse embellished with flowers. "You can match the flowers to your gown, choose to design the blooms in an ombré pattern, or go with something monochromatic," suggests Stevenson.

Giant Balloons

If you're up for making your processional a little less traditional, swap petals for balloons. "The design, sizes, and color options are limitless, and what kid doesn't love a balloon?" asks Stevenson. She suggests using colorful ribbons instead of standard string and adding pretty blooms for a more elegant vibe.


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