And do we need to have them for our guests?
wedding welcome basket

Most wedding guests leave the reception with a thoughtful favor from the bride and groom. Nowadays some couples take the tradition one step farther with "turndown treats," which are goodies left in hotel rooms for the guests to find at the end of the night. Should you incorporate these sweet surprises into your big day?

"I think turndown treats are particularly nice to do for destination weddings," says Jessica Sloane, wedding planner and owner of Jessica Sloane Event Styling & Design. "Unfortunately, they often get overlooked or cut out of the budget, since it's something you decide to do towards the end of the planning process when funds are typically cut back." Turndown treats help a couple show appreciation for guests, many of whom spent time and money to attend the big day. They can also provide guests with functional products for the wedding weekend, depending on what you give them. "Guests often forget to take favors, so turndown treats are a great way to accomplish gifting your guests and expressing your thoughtfulness!" Sloane adds.

The best turndown treats are things that guests will actually use during their stay. For example, a couple can put together bags with water bottles, sweet treats like chocolate or cookies, hangover-reducing medications like Advil, or small bottles of liquor. "A nightcap, like an airplane bottle of whiskey, would be a nice touch and something that is also easy to travel with if they don't drink it that night," says Sloane. She also suggests giving guests something a little more unexpected, like an eye mask or a do not disturb sign. "I've also done a sweet treat for the road when guests check out the next morning, which I thought was a nice way to say one last 'thank you,'" she adds. The makings for breakfast in bed would be a nice touch, too.

If you decide to give turndown treats to guests, you may be wondering how to deliver them to guests' rooms. Sloane says a couple should coordinate details with the hotel staff. "They should ask the hotel where their block of rooms is, and what their policy is on delivery gifts to guests. Much like a welcome gift, the turndown treats can be delivered by hotel staff when they clean the room that day," Sloane says. So long as it's there when guests get back from the reception (you don't want them to fall asleep before it can be delivered!), your wedding attendees will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness.


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