Pretty envelope liners displaying a trio of patterns in the same hue tie this sleek stationery suite all together.
Credit: Photo

Tools and Materials

  • Paper Source
  • 8 1/2-by-11-inch Luxe text-weight paper in cream
  • Envelopes of your choosing
  • Ruler
  • Paper Cutter
  • Bone Folder
  • Scrap Paper
  • Glue Stick


  1. Download our template. Print liner designs on paper.
  2. Measure the width of your envelope with a ruler, and subtract 1/4 inch. For the length, fold up the flap of the envelope so it's open, and measure from the bottom of envelope to the tip of flap. Using a paper cutter, slice a sheet of paper to these dimensions.
  3. Slip the paper into the envelope, and fold the corners down just below the glue line, using a bone folder to create sharp creases. Remove the paper from the envelope, and cut off the corners along the folds, rounding the tip to mimic your envelopes.
  4. Insert liner sheet into envelope, and fold down flap to create crease. Lift up the envelope flap, keeping the liner folded. Slip a piece of scrap paper under the liner flap to protect envelope from glue. Run the glue stick over the edges of the back of the liner.
  5. Slip out scrap paper. Close down the outer flap over liner, and rub with fingertip to adhere glue to flap.


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