Just 16 Guests Attended This Intimate Wedding at a Brooklyn Brownstone

lola quinlan elopement couple holding hands
Photo: Sasha Smolina / READYLUCK

A simple setting and a small guest list made this low-key wedding one that was centered entirely around love.

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New York City Elopement, Bride and Groom Portrait
Sasha Smolina / READYLUCK

Most couples would count a trip to IKEA as relationship breaking, but for Quinlan Omahne and Ololade "Lola" Odetola, a visit to the home furnishings superstore was technically their first date. "She had just moved and needed help getting some things to fill her new space," Quinlan says. "We spent more than three hours just roaming through the store laughing and joking around. By the time we left, she had only bought one miniature cactus for her dresser." Clearly, it was love.

From then on, the pair was official. Three years later, on Sunday May 6, 2018, they solidified their bond in a simple Islamic wedding ceremony at Maison May, a restaurant in a brownstone not far from where the pair lives in Brooklyn. "It was an unforgettable and intimate evening with those we love the most," Quinlan says. Emphasis on intimate: Just 16 friends and family members were in attendance.

But keeping things low-key has always been this pair's M.O., especially when it came to their proposal, which happened at home in the middle of their bedroom (and without a ring!). "It was very 'us' in the sense that we do not hold significant value in material things—at the very least we strive to be this way," Lola says. Later the couple designed an engagement ring together at Eleven, a local Brooklyn jeweler. But not long after, they were tested in their quest to not rely on material items: "I lost it at work one month later, and never saw it again," Lola says. "But don't cry for me. Quin says he'll replace it this time next year!"

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Pretty in Pink

lola quinlan elopement pink wedding cards
Sasha Smolina / READYLUCK

Quinlan is an art director at Postable, an online greeting card company, "so it made sending our invites pretty flawless," he says. He designed the graphic pink-and-black cards, and the pair popped them in the mail three months before their wedding date.

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Brooklyn's Finest

lola quinlan elopement brooklyn venue
Sasha Smolina / READYLUCK

Choosing Maison May, a brownstone in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, as their wedding venue was a no-brainer. "After looking at multiple venues we kind of gave up hope on finding a nice and affordable location," Quinlan says. "Everything was so expensive. Then I remembered that my sister had her wedding at this beautiful place off Dekalb Ave. I looked them up and found that they had the perfect space for us. It was already setup with flowers, the theme, and the aesthetic that we wanted."

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Sitting Pretty

lola quinlan elopement bride on steps
Sasha Smolina / READYLUCK

Once Lola had spotted this embroidered Needle & Thread wedding dress online, she knew it was the one. "I purchased the dress and crossed my fingers," she says. Thankfully, it worked, and it was the only bridal gown she even tried on. "It was a perfect fit with no tailoring needed," she says. "The embroidery that traveled down the dress has to be some of the most beautiful that I've ever seen. It was also on sale, which made the decision even easier."

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Beyond the Veil

lola quinlan elopement bouquet peony bride
Sasha Smolina / READYLUCK

Quinlan's sister handmade Lola's veil; a few stems of blooming salmon peonies, arranged by Monai Nailah McCullough completed her bridal look. "The moment that she saw my dress, she instantly knew we would do peonies," Lola says. "A genius!"

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Twinkle Toes

lola quinlan elopement bride shoes petals
Sasha Smolina / READYLUCK

Lola stepped into a pair of blush patent pumps from Topshop.

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Dapper Details

lola quinlan elopement groom tie
Sasha Smolina / READYLUCK

Quinlan suited up in navy J.Crew for the big day. "I always struggle with finding clothes that fit because I'm so slim," he says. "After doing some research I found that J.Crew sold quality suits that would fit my body type. I just had to get a couple adjustments, and it fit like a glove." A Gucci tie emblazoned with a flower stem was an appropriate accessory.

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First Steps

lola quinlan elopement couple gaze on stairs
Sasha Smolina / READYLUCK

Instead of a proper "first look," the pair spent the day getting ready together and then took pictures around their venue. "We really didn't take the traditional Western path when it came to our wedding, so getting ready separately wasn't of much importance to us," Quinlan says. "We were together the entire time, and it felt the most natural to us," Lola adds.

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The Locals

lola quinlan elopement couple sitting on stairs
Sasha Smolina / READYLUCK

The couple "got married in Brooklyn for familiarity and simplicity," Lola says. "Inviting our family into our borough to share such a life altering moment whilst still being able to be back home within minutes as Mr. and Mrs. Omahne felt refreshing."

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Shady Lady

lola quinlan elopement couple smiles sunglasses
Sasha Smolina / READYLUCK

Lola popped on a pair of sunnies by Gucci, where she works. "I'll never forget how much the both of us were smiling," Quinlan says while reflecting on the day. "My cheeks were pretty sore by the end of the night."

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In the Family

lola quinlan elopement guests group
Sasha Smolina / READYLUCK

Keeping their guest list lean was a decision that made the day run efficiently. "There were no challenges when it came to keeping it this size," Lola says. "Everyone understood the vision and cooperated with us."

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The Bride's Side

lola quinlan elopement family
Sasha Smolina / READYLUCK

Family flew in from all across the country, and Lola's grandma, three cousins, and aunty flew in from England, where the bride was born. "My grandma is full of infinite wisdom, she continued to freely offer her knowledge to throughout that day," Lola says. "She continuously stresses the importance of communication and understanding between a husband and wife."

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Tiny Treasures

lola quinlan elopement rings antique spoons on platter
Sasha Smolina / READYLUCK

The couple's photographer, Sasha Smolia, spotted an antique dish at Maison May and used it to hold the rings before the ceremony.

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Earthy Details

lola quinlan elopement hanging decor
Sasha Smolina / READYLUCK

An on-theme arrangement of hanging leaves was already part of the wedding venue's décor. "Luckily, the ambiance of our venue was gorgeous without any additional decoration," says Lola. "I would recommend utilizing a pre-set venue because it relieved us of may additional stresses." Quinlan agrees: "It was clean, earthy, and had many beautiful antiques throughout the space, which I loved."

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Chic Ceremony

lola quinlan elopement ceremony bride groom
Sasha Smolina / READYLUCK

The couple exchanged vows in a simplistic Islamic ceremony that took place in the same room as the rest of the celebration. "Simplicity is truly key," Lola says of this decision. "Focusing on the main goal at hand by paying no mind to frivolous matters whatsoever kept me on track during the planning process."

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Nearest and Dearest

lola quinlan elopement ceremony guests
Sasha Smolina / READYLUCK

The small guest list made the ceremony even more meaningful, says Quinlan: "Having both of our families together in one room made our wedding special," he says. "The energy felt as though they'd known each other for ages. It was perfect."

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Sealed with a Kiss

lola quinlan elopement ceremony kiss bride and groom
Sasha Smolina / READYLUCK

Aftering closing the ceremony with a kiss, the pair sat down with their friends and family for dinner.

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Marvelous Mocktails

lola quinlan elopement coupes drinks
Sasha Smolina / READYLUCK

Sparkling apple cider made the rounds in chic coupe glasses.

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More Cheese, Please

lola quinlan elopement appetizers wooden board
Sasha Smolina / READYLUCK

Market veggies and a variety of cheeses were served up as appetizers before a meal that consisted of of lasagna and porgy.

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To the Newlyweds

lola quinlan elopement toasts at table with guests
Sasha Smolina / READYLUCK

Because of the small crowd, the pair decided to forgo a seating chart. "It caused only about 30 seconds of confusion, but no regrets whatsoever," Lola says. "Sitting down to our family dinner, I felt a wave of calmness over me. Everyone was interacting and thoroughly enjoying themselves, and I was having a ball simply watching them."

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lola quinlan elopement couple holding hands
Sasha Smolina / READYLUCK

Photography, Sasha Smolina for READYLUCK

Location, Catering, and Cake, Maison May Dekalb

Flowers, Monai Nailah McCullough

Stationery, Postable

Bride's gown, Needle & Thread

Bride's accessories, Free People earrings; Gucci sunglasses; Topshop shoes

Makeup, Shennel Patrick

Groom's suit, J.Crew

Groom's tailor, Izavel Varela

Groom's accessories, Clark's shoes; Express shirt; Gucci tie

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