These two are so in love.
Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg
Credit: Jenny McCarthy via Instagram

After eight years together, Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg are just as in love with each other as ever. The proof? Check out McCarthy's Instagram feed. Just two months before their third wedding anniversary, McCarthy took to social media to pay her New Kids on the Block husband one serious compliment. In what she called "A love letter to my husband, Donnie Wahlberg," McCarthy shared everything she loves and admires about her spouse, and it's essentially a laundry list of the incredible things Wahlberg does for her and others.

The long caption was written beneath a photo of Wahlberg singing on stage while holding McCarthy's hand in the audience. "For the past three months I have watched you pour out your heart and soul. I have seen you give hundreds, if not thousands, of hugs. I've seen you make every person you came in contract with feel like they were somebody special, because you do believe they are special. You have entertained us all," she starts, referencing her husband's current tour with his band, Paula Abdul, and Boyz II Men.

The tone of the message then shifts, telling fans all about the touching things Wahlberg's does for others on a regular basis. "You have tipped hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to hardworking people in Waffle Houses across the country… Moments I will never forget; Holding a disabled woman in your arms so she can dance with you. Paying for funerals of fans who left us too soon. Giving the shoes off your feet, the coat off your back, and the hat off your head to those whose lives changed because you did. I've seen you give people jobs, lead with mindfulness, stay present while those around you slept." Who knew Wahlberg was such a great guy? Evidently, McCarthy did.

She closes out the glowing tribute with a touching message about the love they share. "I don't know anyone like you. And I never will. I just know how lucky I am to have you. I love you, Mrs. W," she wrote.

But Wahlberg couldn't let his wife get in on all of the gushing fun. He shared the same photo, updated with heart emojis, and the message, "Thank you Mrs Wahlberg! Your Support means everything to me, Lady! You make me better in every way. I love you. –Hubby"

Now that's #relationshipgoals.


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