She shared what else she and Keith Urban have.
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban
Credit: Getty Images

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are a couple worth beholding: The two have been married for 11 years and their relationship still has an undeniable spark. In a recent interview with Australia's Who, Kidman gave an update on their marriage, and, as always, it was incredibly sweet.

The Big Little Lies star sang the praises of friendship to the magazine-something she finds vastly important. But rather than keep the conversation on female camaraderie, she brought Urban into the picture. "That's what Keith and I have as well," she shared. "As much as we have a love, we also have an incredible friendship and trust." The couple's relationship flourishes on more than love and mutual respect, though-there's a spark between them that just won't quit. And even though Kidman and Urban spend many a date night on the red carpet, they're most attracted to one another in private.

"He always prefers a natural me-he's like, 'Come on, take the makeup off!'" Kidman revealed on the topic of glamming up. Likewise, she loves him off-duty. When asked when Urban's "most beautiful," she gave an endearing response: "He's gorgeous when he's on the beach," she said. "He's a surf boy, my Aussie beach boy." Of course, she also finds him smokin' at work. "And, oh, when he's playing his guitar," she added.

The spotlight can make celebrity relationships hard, but Kidman and Urban seemed to have found the secret.


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