Bridesmaid proposal, that is.
Amy Schumer Posing with Bridesmaid Proposal Ornament

While we're still waiting on boyfriend Ben Hanisch to make his move, Amy Schumer received another kind of proposal this week. The Trainwreck star was asked to be a bridesmaid, and of course, Schumer said yes.

Cute and Creative Ways to Ask Your Friends to Be Bridesmaids

In an absolutely adorable (and seasonal) move, Schumer's friend Kate asked her main girls via Christmas ornaments, writing "Will you be my bridesmaid?" on the trinkets to pop the question. "Yes Kate! We're in!" wrote Schumer on Instagram, posing happily with the custom decoration and her crew. We're taking note of the cute winter idea. Seriously, how festive is that?

This will be Schumer's second bridesmaid go-around, her first having been this past August. Schumer took the previous role in stride, posting a sweet Instagram for the occasion. "Very proud to be a bmaid," she wrote, deeming the celebration "the best wedding ever." It looks like she'll have to take that back-good bridesmaids don't play favorites!

On that occasion, she supported another friend, Tara, while simultaneously celebrating Hanisch's 30th birthday. Speaking of Hanisch, the two are looking cute as ever, as evidenced by this sweet ice-skating date. He and the The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo author just celebrated their anniversary earlier this month. The pair have been going steady for over a year.

Amy Schumer Was a Bridesmaid, Probably a Really Fun One

We'll be patiently awaiting your engagement announcement, guys (or at the very least, more cute vids from you two).


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