These hilarious Twitter gems were just too good not to share. Consider this the ultimate retweet.
Credit: Fox Network/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection

Sometimes, humor is the only way to get through the stressful parts of planning (or attending) a wedding. That's why we're thankful for these Twitter users, who posted priceless thoughts on the topic of weddings. Here, funny tweets that had us laughing out loud with just 140 characters or less.

Our kind of wedding vows.

The ultimate test.

We feel your pain.

One word.

Don't be a basic bride.


A lesson in being specific.


Kids say the darndest …


Now there's a wedding trend we didn't see coming!

Come on, Karen.

We now pronounce you bandana guy and wife.

Registry probs.

How to get away with eating cake.

Be careful what you wish for!

On being the last single girl.

An unfortunate typo.


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