And how to make sure it doesn't happen in the first place.

Investing in a planner or coordinator means having someone else to worry about all the "what-ifs" of your wedding day. But what if your "what if" person doesn't show up, or is nowhere to be found when you need them most? We asked Amber Karson of Karson Butler Events to share her tips on what a couple should do if their day-of wedding planner or coordinator is missing on the big day, and explains how you can handle this sticky situation with grace.

Plan Ahead

In an effort to avoid the whole situation in the first place, don't be afraid to ask planners about their backup plans in initial meetings. You'll want to know going in that should he/she be unable to perform on the day of the wedding, there is a clear replacement plan in place," says Butler. "This should be outlined in your contract." With a backup plan ready to go, you won't ever need to worry about this issue in the first place.

Don't Panic

If it's the day of, she really didn't show, and you've tried all the usual methods of contact, don't panic. Re-distribute the planner's responsibilities to your 'maids-together, they'll be more than capable of taking care of business. When it comes to the schedule, assign one person to be the timekeeper, always ensuring everyone is where they need to be. Then, let go and enjoy your day! If your planner isn't a no-show but you just can't keep track of her whereabouts, assign a bridesmaid to be her shadow, that way you can feel comfortable that everything is getting done without feeling the need to check up every few minutes.

Hold a Post-Mortem

If you're not pleased with your planner's performance, be sure to mention it after the fact-in a constructive way, of course. Cite specific examples and discuss how the service you received was different than what you had expected. While we can't promise you'll be able to get a refund, you'll be helping other brides avoid planners that aren't worth their while.


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