The cliché mother of the bride or groom is one who is hyper-involved in every wedding-planning decision, and constantly voicing her opinion when no one asked. The reality is, though, most moms just want to share in the excitement and joy of their child's special day! Here, we rounded up a few tasks that will help—not annoy—the bride.
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1. Play Nice With the Other Mom

Not only should you and the groom's (or bride's) mother coordinate your wedding-day outfits, it's also important that you both get along. It will save the couple any unnecessary pre-wedding stress, and you both could work on DIY projects together or divide and conquer the wedding-planning tasks at hand.

2. Play Chef on the Wedding Day

It sounds simple, but the mother of the bride can make sure the bride and bridesmaids are well fed on the wedding day. Robin Baab and Sarah Tivel, event planners at GATHER Events, say, "While ladies are doing hair and makeup, order in breakfast and lunch so they don't get fatigued during the ceremony!" Whether you prepare something homemade or order sandwiches and bite-sized treats (remember: it shouldn't be messy food!), the bride will definitely appreciate the gesture.

3. Get Crafty

Welcome bags are an important part of any wedding (especially destination celebrations!), but couples often forget about them until the last minute-which is why it's a mom-friendly project. Ask the bride if you could create fun totes filled with treats for out-of-town guests, suggest Baab and Tivel. She'll be more than happy to cross that "to-do" off of her wedding checklist.

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4. Manage the Calendar

Take some planning off the bride's hands by keeping track of bridal-party logistics. Natalie Good, event planner at A Good Affair Wedding & Event Production, recommends the mother of the bride "send reminders in the months leading up to the wedding letting ladies know the schedule of events and tasks they can help the bride complete."

Wedding Planning Timeline

5. Pack Up After the Party

Just like old times, Mom can double check that the bride doesn't forget anything after the wedding. "Enlist Mom as the responsible party guest and let your planners load up her car with the important wedding items, plus gifts, at the end of the night," says Baab and Tivel.

6. Surprise the Bride and Groom With Something Special

Plan a big or small treat for the couple's big day. Stuck on ideas? Good suggests "a special performance by their favorite artist, a live painter to capture a scene from the wedding, a touching toast, or a favorite dessert they can't live without."

7. Find the Perfect "Something Old"

Whether it's a broach, bracelet, or pair of earrings, let the bride know she can raid your jewelry box for her "something old" if she so pleases. Helena Chaviara of RockPaperScissors says, "A mother of the bride or groom can look into family heirlooms in order to give the bride small family treasures for her special day." (Remember: This should just be an offer! Don't be offended if the bride graciously declines wearing your vintage necklace because it doesn't go with her ultra-modern sheath wedding dress!)

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