Stay on top of your to-do list with these tips.
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Ahhh, procrastination. It's fine when you're avoiding the grocery store or really don't want to do laundry, but when it comes to your wedding, it's a major no-no. Staying on top of a wedding to-do list is hard enough even when you've made it your main mission in life. When you're a procrastinator, on the other hand, you may feel inclined to push things off as long as possible. Unfortunately, booking a venue or choosing a band can't be left to the last second. Need some help staying on top of your lists? Read these pointers-then get started, ASAP.

Make planning a priority.

You have a lot of priorities in life-bills, meeting work deadlines, hitting the gym-but your wedding needs to be added to the top of that list. Or, at least close to it. "You have to prioritize your planning so that what's most important gets done and the things that can take a back seat are fine," says Ashley Douglass, owner and creative director of Ashley Douglass Events. "Think of planning as a job that you have to put two evenings aside for each week, or maybe every Sunday afternoon."

Figure out if there's a reason you're putting things off.

Procrastinating is definitely a personality trait, so you could be putting off decision-making for that reason and nothing more. But there might also be other reasons why you're hesitant to finalize plans. "I usually assume that if someone procrastinates, they're avoiding something like their fear of walking down the aisle and being in front of many people," Douglass says. Get to the core of the issue, then fix it: Once you know the reason why you're procrastinating, you can back on track.

Handle one thing at a time.

Taking on too much can be overwhelming, and that's exactly why slowing down a little can really help your planning process. "Don't try to do everything at once. Instead, plan to get a reasonable number of tasks done each week so that you're not overwhelmed later on," says Kate Whelan, owner and lead consultant of Kate Whelan Events. "Plan everything out so you have everything completed the week prior to your wedding day. That way you can enjoy family coming into town, relax, and enjoy the days leading up to the wedding day."

Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Staying on top of to-do lists can be hard, and there are a lotof to-dos when it comes to weddings. If things are getting overwhelming, there's always the option to get some support. First, get your significant other involved-it is their wedding, too. If you find you need more assistance, you can always hire added help. "Don't be afraid to ask for help if you're feeling overwhelmed," Whelan says. "Hire a wedding planner to act as your project manager to keep you on task, if you need to."


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