Their secret plans aren't quite so secret anymore.
Alec and Hilaria Baldwin

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin are approaching five years of marriage! While speaking to the press about Alec's new movie Blind, they accidentally gave some insight into how they'll celebrate the big relationship milestone.

"We're getting remarried on Friday if we make it to Friday," joked Alec, before wife Hilaria jumped in to announce that the event was meant to be private. "Now there's going to be people at our doorstep," the fitness expert scolded, adding, "If there's paparazzi now, it's his fault. This was the moment." Luckily, the couple was all smiles, taking the spill in stride. After the secret was revealed, Alec explained its purpose. "I need reassurance. I need to know I still got you there. I need to know you're not going anywhere," he said to Hilaria about their vow renewal. In response, she confirmed that she's "still in this."

The Baldwins wed in 2012 in a beautiful New York City celebration. They met a year earlier at a city restaurant, and have been happy ever since. "I've dated a lot of people since my divorce, and have thought a lot about what I wanted and what I wanted to do," Baldwin said just around the time of his marriage to Hilaria. "I thought about it too much, I suppose. I wasn't really ready to take that chance and to act until I met Hilaria." Now, the two plan to host a party to commemorate their love and fifth wedding anniversary.

On Friday, they will gather with friends and family over drinks, cake, and chatter. As for the vow renewal itself? Hilaria say's they'll do something "for like five minutes." Sounds super sweet to us!


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