Avoiding these common mistakes can make both your lives easier!

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Photographers may be one of the most important vendors at your wedding, if only because they are capturing the images that you will treasure for a lifetime. However, there may be some things that you're doing (or not doing) that are making their jobs harder than they need to be.

We talked to three photographers to find out what the pros wish their brides and grooms would stop doing ahead of the big day—heed their advice to make things easier for you and your wedding photographer.

Over Orchestrating Everything

Pinterest has made it easier than ever to gather inspiration and share your vision with your photographer, but it may also be turning you into a control freak. Chris Meyer, the director of national sales for The Brand Booth, says that you should trust your photographer to execute their vision for your day without providing them with a lengthy list of inspiration photos. Of course, it's normal to want to get a specific shot or angle, but Meyer advises against obsessing over every detail of he shoot, and instead focusing on three to four things that matter most.

Second Guessing the Pros

Similarly, Arden Ward Upton, owner of Arden Photography, says couples should remember that they choose their photographer because they loved their portfolio. "Micromanaging and stressing will not create better photos for you. Relax and trust the pro's that you hired." Questioning every choice they make only serves to make you both unhappy.

Not Scheduling an Engagement Shoot

There's a reason why so many wedding packages come with engagement sessions. It's because photographers use these sessions as an opportunity to get to know you. It also gives you a chance to gain confidence in their process. If you skip out on your engagement session, or don't take advantage of the time you have with your photographer, you miss out on the benefit of getting more comfortable with one another.

Get Your Guests to Unplug

Photographers love "unplugged" weddings, where guests are asked to keep their phones off during the ceremony. This gives photographers a little more room to work without having to worry about friends and family members blocking their shots to grab a quick picture on their phone. Upton says this is especially hard when the bride makes her way down the aisle, since everyone is trying to capture the iconic shot for themselves. Do both your photographer and yourself a favor, and tell your guests to keep their phones down during the ceremony.

Tell Them About Any Drama

While gossiping about long-standing family drama is generally frowned upon, for photographers, it's pertinent to their job. Which is why Keith Phillips, of Classic Photographers, says it's so important that you loop your photographer in on any problems. "Family dynamics can impact your images in more ways than one, be it loved ones who don't want to be in the same room with one another or not-so-amicable divorces," Phillips says. "So, reach out to your photographer and share any concerns so that you can collaborate on positive solutions (plus workarounds when needed!)."


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