Bookmark the brand's new line of paper party goods for your upcoming pre-wedding event.

By Sarah Schreiber
April 03, 2019
rifle paper co. floral bridal shower tablescape
Credit: Abby Cox

Whether you're a bride-to-be brainstorming themes for your future bridal shower or a maid of honor curating ideas the woman of the honor will love, you know that planning a spring bridal shower connotes one specific motif: florals. While adding the season's in-bloom varieties to your event's tablescapes is a surefire way to convey this theme, there are other ways to pay homage to flowers. Enter beloved stationery-turned-lifestyle brand Rifle Paper Co.'s newest line of paper party goods. The floral-themed paper plates, cups, napkins, and decorations are an ode to spring-and they're also a fun, affordable way to introduce a floral theme in a not-so-obvious way.

Ahead, you'll find illustrator and founder Anna Bond's best tips for using these pretty paper options to design an event that's thoughtful, cohesive, and seasonal in all the right ways.

Keep your shower's décor timeless.

"I try to keep my décor choices really timeless, so when I look back at photos, I'll still love what I see," Bond says of choosing details for any type of event. As for her favorite timeless decorative element? "One thing that never goes out of style is using a lot of flowers and greenery (like the foliage seen here, by Porch Therapy). Beyond feeling festive, florals make a space feel full, tying everything together by adding an extra layer of color and texture."

Translate classic floral motifs in unexpected ways.

A floral-themed shower is a classic spring party style for a reason (it's flower season, after all!). You can interpret this style in lots of different ways, many of which include lush blooms-but supplementing the fresh stuff with floral patterns is also an option. A pretty place to do so? On the tablescape. "We created our party goods with the hope that they create an easy, cost-effective way to infuse florals into a tablescape, without breaking the budget on the real thing," adds Bond. "By layering patterned plates with colorful linens, the table really comes to life."

rifle paper co. floral bridal shower place setting
Credit: Abby Cox

Design your event with cohesion in mind.

Whatever your party's décor, you'll want to approach the design process holistically, so the final product feels cohesive. To make this happen, Bond recommends choosing a color palette and sticking with it ("In this case, we chose pink, green, and orange to go with the party goods collection, and all of the décor, and even some of the food, plays off of that," notes Bond). Staying within one color family gives you the freedom to play with texture and seemingly contrasting elements without sacrificing style.

Balance bold patterns with effortless neutrals.

Part of designing a cohesive, but interesting event involves choosing your bold décor moments and supporting them with a softer, more neutral base. "Our Garden Party collection makes a statement, so I love to pair it with other décor elements in neutral colors and natural materials for balance," says Bond, who advises layering in "florals and greenery in a simple color palette" to achieve a balanced aesthetic.

rifle paper co. floral bridal shower bar cart
Credit: Abby Cox

Consider your location before you set your table.

If you're planning a backyard garden party, your finest china likely won't match the event's vibe-in that case, choosing a paper option is probably a better fit. Don't want to give up ceramic dishware entirely? "I love the idea of mixing our paper plates and napkins in with real glassware and utensils. It's a great solve for hosting a larger group, or an outdoor event where you need things to be super durable. Our paper collection is still fun and elevated, but way easier than renting or buying dishes for a crowd," explains Bond.

Get your desserts in on the fun.

According to Bond, it's possible to convey your celebration's seasonality through your menu-specifically, through your dessert options: "Sweets like cupcakes and cookies are another fun way to bring in a floral theme-icing is just as decorative as a real bouquet."

Enjoy the process.

"It's not about perfection-it's about having a great time and a great party," Bond says, when asked to share her best bridal shower planning advice. "Don't be afraid to take a few shortcuts that make your life easier-that could be anything from store-bought desserts to paper plates and cups that you don't have to wash. That's where our collection comes in!"


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