If you’d like to bring a little DIY magic to your day, follow our lead and embellish a small metallic kraft box to house your wedding bands. Your ring bearer will positively beam down the aisle toting the burnished vessel.

By Jaime Buerger
May 28, 2015
Jonny Valiant


  • Scissors
  • Metal sheet
  • Square gift box
  • Embosser
Bryan Gardner


1. With scissors, cut a metal sheet to be about 1/2 inch bigger on all sides than the lid of your gift box. Slide the metal sheet between the plates of the embosser; firmly press down to make an impression.

Bryan Gardner

2. Flip the sheet over and lay the box lid on top. Make a notch at each corner of the sheet by cutting it until you reach the box's corner; repeat on all sides.

Bryan Gardner

3. Fold each metal flap over the lip of the box, bending tightly to secure.


Amaco "Art Emboss" 5mm metal sheet, $13, dickblick.com, and square gift box, $4.50, paperpresentation.com.

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