Bring verdant vibes to your celebration.
reception table
Credit: Alpha Smoot

Couples have been passing on vased arrangements in favor of foliage table runners for their wedding's centerpieces. These decorations, called garlands, have plenty of perks. For one, they're elegant, but nearly effortless-they're simply draped length-wise down the middle of rectangular tables. Their low-clearance design also helps conversation flow, as it doesn't block off guests from one another. Best of all, there are tons of ways to glam the garlands up. As shown above, you can pull out sprigs, coat them in spray paint, and reinsert them, for example.

Before you pick your centerpiece of greenery, we recommend getting to know your options. Below, four of the most popular types of table garlands for weddings.

eucalyptus garland
Credit: Alpha Smoot

Silver-Dollar Eucalyptus

This eucalyptus variety has rounded leaves and a soft, blue-green color. The pretty shapes look stunning on their own.

magnolia garland
Credit: Alpha Smoot


These beautiful leaves are green on top and orange underneath, making them a great choice for fall celebrations.

olive and eucalyptus garland
Credit: Alpha Smoot

Olive and Seeded Eucalyptus

For more texture, try seeded eucalyptus, which has sturdy, oblong foliage. Combine the plant with olive branches, which have a historic connection to weddings.

foliage garland
Credit: Alpha Smoot

Magnolia, Seeded and Baby-Blue Eucalyptus, and Salal

This gorgeous mix is especially lush. Leathery salal leaves complement the rest of the greenery, and baby-blue eucalyptus adds dimension.

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