The better weather is just the start.
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All weddings are joyful, festive occasions, but none more so than those that take place in the spring. There's an innate optimism that comes with springtime celebrations, and their cheerful energy is something guests love most. But that's not all they're excited about. From the delicious, seasonal food and drink to the colorful, bold décor, there's so much that your attendees are looking forward to. Here, six things all spring wedding guests love.

It's an opportunity to be social again.

Winter tends to be a time of hibernation for those who live in cold climates, so a spring wedding often indicates the start of a more social season. While guests may not mention it or even realize it, your wedding could be their first big event to look forward to this year.

There's tons of seasonal food and drink.

Spring weddings are known for their bright, fresh foods and delicious, seasonal cocktails. Guests love knowing that a late March, April, May, or early June wedding date will include a menu packed with the season's tasteful bounty.

Bright, seasonal décor will be used throughout your party.

Spring is that time of year when flowers are back in bloom and outdoor settings are starting to shine. Seasonal décor, especially arrangements that feature tulips, is something your guests are likely looking forward to when.

There are endless attire options.

Selecting an outfit to wear to a spring wedding is exciting for most fashionista guests. It's the one time of year when any color combination goes, and you don't have to worry about limiting the options to something subtle.

It's easier to take time away from work.

Spring weddings are convenient for guests with limited vacation days, as they likely haven't used up their allotted time away this early in the year. Plus, spring tends to be less fraught with big weather concerns for flight delays.

They have an opportunity to be outdoors.

Simply being outdoors again is something guests love about spring weddings. Even if you don't trust the weather to keep for the whole celebration, you might have your ceremony or cocktail hour outside. That indoor/outdoor combination is usually more than enough to make everyone happy.


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