Don't let them forget to bring a cover-up!

By Alyssa Brown
June 03, 2019

Unpredictable and erratic wedding-day weather can be more than just an annoyance for the couple-it's often annoying for guests, too. To help your guests be prepared for a hot day followed by a chilly night, give them advance notice of these weather patterns, remind them to bring along cover-ups, and add some late-night warmth to your venue.

Communicate weather trends on your wedding website.

There's not enough space in an invitation suite to comment on weather, so this is the kind of detail that can easily be addressed on your wedding website or in any pre-wedding emails. You'll want to be very clear about the local weather being hot during the day and cool at night, including a note encouraging guests to bring along a jacket or shawl for comfort's sake throughout the wedding weekend's events.

Include a reminder in your welcome letter.

Your welcome letter is a great place to include a friendly reminder about the weather. In addition to greeting your guests and welcoming them to your wedding weekend, you'll include some logistical information about the weekend's events and transportation. You can also add a note that says something like, "We've spent many summer nights in these mountains, and while the days are warm, the nights get very breezy. We'll have a fireplace you can warm up beside, but you'll want to bring along a cover-up, too, as dinner and dancing will be hosted outdoors."

Have a few warm things on-hand at the reception.

A few throw blankets for the lounge areas and a basket of shawls should be enough to keep the ladies warm if they've forgotten to bring along a jacket. If the weather forecast is predicting a particularly cool night, you might make a last-minute call to add heaters and firepits. Your catering team might also be able to add hot tea, cocoa, and coffee as an after-dinner option for guests who just can't kick the chill.


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