It's time for your fiancé to man up and handle his pre-wedding grooming.
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It's a given your bridal gorgeousness is going to be on point come the big day. But what about your fiancé? His grooming game needs to be just as strong-after all, he'll be co-starring in those photos with you. Unless he's got the style savvy of Ryan Seacrest, you're going to have to give him a little help. We suggest reading this guy's guide to spiffing it up-filled with wisdom from celebrity hairstylist and men's groomer Kristan Serafino (@serafinosays)-and then sending it straight to his inbox.

The Talk

"Most guys don't think about their grooming until the last minute," points out Serafino. "So you have to put it on their radar early on-at least six months before the wedding." This way he won't feel rushed and will have time to try something new, like growing a beard or whitening his teeth. Have a relaxed chat with him and remind him that this is the one day when he should look better than his best.

The Hair

"He should speak to his barber or hairstylist three to six months before the wedding and come up with a plan," advises Serafino. "This allows him to be strategic about the style and length he wants." So if your guy tends to like his hair best a few days after it's been cut or wants to wear it a little longer than usual, he'll have plenty of time to figure it out. The one thing he shouldn't do is anything drastic close to the day. "Some men see their wedding as the time to try something new with their hair. That's not always a good idea," says Serafino. "If you've got a look that works for you and that your fiancée likes, don't mess with it-just improve upon it."

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The Shave

When it comes to facial hair, he should do what feels good for him-and you. A day's worth of scruff is sexy as long as it's not going to scratch your skin. Don't forget you'll be doing a lot of smooching for photos, so a smooth face on him will be much appreciated. If he's accustomed to getting a professional shave, he should knock himself out and have one close to the day. If he rocks a mighty beard on a daily basis, there's no need for him shave it all off for the wedding. However, he does have to neaten it up with a good trim.

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The Nails

The one thing worse than gnarly nails? Gnarly nails in your wedding photos. So if your guy has offensive fingers, urge him to take matters into his own hands-literally-and get a manicure. "It's a must," says Serafino. "From the ring exchange to the cake-cutting, his hands will be in the spotlight right along with yours, so they have to be on point." While clear polish is an option, Serafino suggests he opt for a high-shine buff job instead. "It looks more natural." Now lets talk toes. They, too, will be on display during the honeymoon, when he throws on a pair of sandals or flip-flops. So sign him up for a pedicure. "He has to think about his grooming from top to bottom," says Serafino. Now, we understand that some guys may find this type of grooming un-manly. For them, it may help to point out that many professional athletes (including NFL players) get manicures and pedicures. Then, cater to their comfort level by sending them to salons specifically for men.

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The Brows

They don't have to be perfect, but they do have to be tidy. "Your groom should have his barber or hairstylist clean them up," says Serafino, who never recommends waxing. "Men should have manly brows."

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The Teeth

You and your groom will be smiling all night. That's a fact. So, if his pearly whites are a little off color, it's time for a dentist visit or some at-home whitening strips. "Whitening treatments can leave teeth sensitive, so he should start this three to six months before the wedding," says Serfaino, "but it's well worth putting in the time because the images of you both happy and smiling will last a lifetime and he will want to look his very best."

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