Sometimes the best relationships start off as friendships.
Credit: Jonathan Canlas

It's a scene straight from a movie: Two people meet and feel a connection, but, for whatever reason, a relationship isn't in the cards right then. Instead, they become best friends but always seem to wonder if they'll ever be something more. Sometimes these friendships remain platonic; other times the sparks won't stop flying and a romantic relationship seems inevitable. The latter is the outcome you may really want. Here, eight reasons why starting a new relationship as friends is one of the best things you can do.

You Can Skip the Early Stages

Every relationship begins with an awkward "getting to know you" stage. In the first few months, a new couple learns about their significant other's personality, likes, and dislikes, while also assessing their compatibility as a pair. Dating a friend lets you skip this entire process. You already know and like this person, so you'll waste no time wondering if you're really a match.

You've Both Proven You're Reliable

You wouldn't befriend a disloyal person, right? People usually surround themselves with respectful and reliable individuals, so there's a strong chance your friend-turned-boyfriend is a great guy.

You Can Learn From Past Relationships

Depending on the extent and length of your friendship, you might've discussed details of your past relationships. These intimate conversations will come in handy now: Your new man understands what went wrong with your ex-boyfriends, so he'll avoid making the same mistakes.

You're Comfortable Together

Your new beau has likely seen you through good times and bad times, so you'll feel comfortable being your true self around him from the very start.

You Appreciate Each Other's Flaws

There's nothing worse than dating someone for five months only to realize his every mannerism irritates you. Since you've skipped the infatuation stage with your friend-turned-boyfriend, you won't turn a blind eye to his flaws. In fact, you probably enjoy all of his charming imperfections.

You Have Fun Together

When dating a friend, it's a given that you enjoy each other's company. This translates into a fun-filled relationship, whether you prefer spending late nights on the town or relaxing at home in pajamas.

You've (Probably) Met Each Other's Families

If your friendship has spanned years, you might've already met his family and friends-and naturally they've been shipping your relationship since day one. You don't have to worry about dressing to the nines and impressing his loved ones with funny remarks and thoughtful conversation.

There's No Need to Sacrifice Friendships

In the beginning stages of a relationship, you want to spend every spare moment with your new beau-much to the chagrin of your best friend. When your bestie turns into your boyfriend, though, you can dedicate your free time to him without ruining your social life.


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