Some guests are too shy to share their life stories. Help them bypass the small talk and go straight for the good stuff with introductory cards that reveal shared interests or personal triumphs.

When a guest slides out her place card, she'll see an arrow pointing to the left with the name of the person seated there, plus an interesting tidbit (e.g., "Joel was a Connecticut tap-dancing finalist!"). A second arrow shares info on the person seated to her right.

This game relies on exact seating, so you will need to assign seats at each table and use these cards as place cards. First plot out your table and seating assignments, and gather information to use on the cards. Bonus points if you can gather two items for each person; this will let you give the people on the right and on the left different information.

Download the PDF in the color of your choice below, and replace our sample text with yours. The software will not let you save your modified cards, so proofread carefully before printing. You will have to print in batches of three.

Print out the modified PDF onto card stock or heavy paper. To help keep track of which card belongs to which guest, write the name on the back in the appropriate section lightly with a pencil.

Cut into thirds between each card using a paper trimmer or a craft knife and metal straightedge (each card should be 3 2/3 inches wide; since the 2/3 inch is not marked on rulers, measure 3 5/8 inches in from each edge of the paper). Then use a corner punch to round off the corners of each card.


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