Plus, he's dishing on the one hair trend that he's totally over.
Rihanna's Hair Stylist Yusef Hair Tips
Credit: Yusef Williams via Instagram

Rihanna is known for her ever-changing and trendsetting hairstyles, and the success of her different looks is owed to her longtime hairstylist Yusef Williams. Although most brides-to-be won't be experimenting with new bold cuts or colors before the big day, Yusef is dishing on all the ways you can elevate standard bridal hair into something fresh and statement-making. Here, his five tips for getting a gorgeous 'do for your wedding.

An updo doesn't have to look like prom hair.

Some wedding dress necklines look best paired with an updo, but often brides-to-be are hesitant to commit out of fear of flashbacks to their senior prom. "I say do the updo but keep it sleek and edgy," Yusef says. "Don't just be 'typical.' Make the updo sleeker and be playful with it."

Don't be afraid to upgrade a classic style.

Love the look of a traditional chignon but want something a little more modern? Yusef likes pairing the structured low bun with a cool side part or taking the entire chignon to one side or the other. "I love to add an edge or engergize a classic look to dress it up."

Yes, you can wear your hair down on your wedding day.

More and more brides are keeping their hair down for the entire wedding, and Yusef gives these women his full support. "I love it!" he says. "But make sure it can withstand the entire day from dusk 'till dawn." His best tip for keeping it intact throughout the entire day? "A good holding spray!"

Avoid these hair mistakes.

According to Yusef, the biggest mistake brides make is over styling their locks. "Less is more with hair at times, especially on your wedding day." As for one trend he's totally over? Flower crowns! "I hate a flower crown, but almost any other accessory would work."

Take a cue from Rihanna.

"Rhanna likes to take chances, so play with your look, take a risk that makes you feel good," he says. "Don't be afraid to change it up, even if that means choosing a modified chignon or amplifying your curls on your big day."


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