It's game on for this pre-wedding party!

We would never slam the traditional bridal shower. Who doesn't love yummy finger food, party games, and oohing and aahing over sexy lingerie? But in this era of think-out-of-the-box weddings, there's no reason not to get creative when planning this party. If the bride is a SoulCycle regular or constantly talking about a cool new workout class she tried, why not up the shower game by giving it a fitness spin? Here, five fun fitness-themed bridal shower ideas.


What do you get when you mix stationary bikes, a dark room, and killer tunes? A cardio club party. The bridal squad will bond while pushing themselves to pedal faster, longer, and harder during this 45-minute cardio-intense class. Studios like SoulCycle and Flywheel pride themselves on making the experience truly motivational thanks to inspirational instructors who encourage the class to ride as one. So if you want to bond while feeling the total body burn, get on your bikes.

Surf Camp

Sun, sand, and surf lessons always make for a good time. Take a day trip to a beach near you, where the bridal posse can soak up some rays all while getting a serious workout. Surfing requires balance and arm strength, not to mention it sculpts your core. Catching the waves will burn about 200 calories per hour. During downtime, mingle with super-hot local surfers (a bonus for single bridesmaids) and nosh on yummy seaside eats like lobster rolls. No body of water nearby? No problem. Book a class at SurfSet Fitness. Here you'll use an innovative machine called the RipSurferX, which looks like a surfboard and mimics its movements.


Flashback to those junior high days with this retro activity that is still lots of fun. Roller-skating allows you to look adorable while burning mega calories and toning everything from the waist down. Rinks like Lakeside in Brooklyn's Prospect Park actually have party rooms where you can pick the music and menu-making it a celebratory vibe for girl groups who want to get their glide on.

Trapeze Training

For a truly high flyin' bridal shower, sign everyone up for group trapeze lessons (we love Cirque School). Hanging from the rafters is a ridiculous upper body workout, focusing on arms, back, and core. It's also an effective way to teach timing, body control techniques, and teamwork. Skilled instructors and safety harnesses ensure no one falls on her face. When you do come back down to earth, toast your collective aerial awesomeness.


Some of our favorite trails include SoCal's Torrey Pines, Seattle's Discovery Park, and Bear Mountain in Upstate New York. It's pretty obvious all that walking and climbing makes for a great cardio workout, but it also builds camaraderie. Have everyone bring food to share, find a poetic spot to plop down, and crank up that bridal shower playlist.

Bridal Shower Songs to Play


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