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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Public Appearance
Credit: Getty Images

If Meghan Markle's recent Vanity Fair interview is any indication, her relationship with Prince Harry is getting more serious. She opened up about dating the royal, which was incredibly significant considering how private the couple has kept their relationship. Now, the pair have taken another big step-they've finally made a public appearance together.

Over the weekend, the Suits actress stepped out to support her boyfriend at the Invictus Games-an international event that he founded. There was a catch to her attendance, however. Though both Markle and Harry were present, they weren't directly in contact for the bulk of the weekend. Instead, they were separated by a few rows in the stands.

Today, however, the pair arrived holding hands and sat together throughout the games. The duo was even caught laughing and joking as they watched, and happily chatted with fans around them between sets, People reports.

While we don't know why they sat apart over the weekend, we do know that the couple's love relationship is anything but typical. Harry's status can make taking part in normal activties tricky, so the pair often has to tread lightly. In fact, their relationship even sparks political discussion, as a recent interview with Canada's Governor General goes to show! When David Johnson was asked whether or not he approved of Markle marrying Harry, he noted that it might strengthen ties between Canada and the United Kingdom. "I think it would be quite marvelous," he shared, adding, "it will help to bring us together."

Regardless of whether or not Markle and Harry got to enjoy the games seated next to each other, they still made their bond clear. A fan who attended the event told People that the two looked "wonderful together." She also noted that they're both "very kind and genuine."


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