The newlyweds are subtle-photo pros.
Kate Mara and Jamie Bell selfie with wedding bands
Credit: Kate Mara via Instagram

Kate Mara and Jamie Bell tied the knot in a surprise wedding ceremony earlier this month, announcing the news of their nuptials with a super subtle snapshot posted on each of their Instagram accounts. The photos of the private pair kissing at their wedding celebration were simply captioned, "Nuptials," which clued us all in on their official status change. Now, the couple is showing off their wedding rings, but of course, they're doing it quietly.

Without saying anything in her caption, Kate Mara showcased the bands on Instagram. The couple are seen posing in matching outfits-denim shirts and similar shades. Both are holding matching white mugs, low-key displaying their new wedding jewelry. The snapshot gives far from a perfect view, but it looks like the bands are gold. Leave it to these secretive stars to post such an under-the-radar selfie. Just like with their big day itself, they leave a lot to the imagination.

Although it's pretty much impossible to confirm, the photo does appear to have been taken on the couple's honeymoon. By the looks of the backdrop, Mara and Bell are relaxing at some tropical locale, but where exactly they are remains to be seen. In fact, they could even be stateside, holing up in a house or hotel with unique, tropical-inspired architecture. Your guess is literally as good as ours.

While we don't know much about their new lives as spouses, they have given insight into their relationship before. They previously told People that they "constantly have to shift things, and communicate. Like asking, 'What's your deal with that show or with this movie,' to make sure that you actually can see each other." "I think that's the most important thing, especially when you're in a relationship with another actor, because it's tricky," Mara explained. "We're on the same page though, so that helps."


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