29 Stunning Summer Wedding Centerpieces That Use In-Season Flowers

Dress up your reception tables with warm-weather blooms like roses, sunflowers, dahlias, and more.

summer wedding centerpieces bright bright neon floral
Photo: Tenth and Grace

What's not to love about a summer wedding? The weather, the natural backdrops, and the extended hours of daylight are all major highlights, but the best part of these seasonal celebrations may be the plethora of wedding décor options. This, of course, applies to summer floral arrangements. There's something about an incredible centerpiece packed with in-season flowers that's sure to attract all your guests' attention—and speak to your warm-weather date.

In-Season Summer Wedding Flowers

Using in-season flowers for your wedding won't only help cut costs—it can also help you fully embrace the look and feel of summer on the big day. These are some of summer bloomers to consider (most work across a myriad of event themes and styles!):

  • Hydrangeas
  • Orchids
  • Cornflowers
  • Daisies
  • Roses
  • Peonies
  • Dahlias
  • Zinnias
  • Sunflowers

Feeling overwhelmed by all the summer flowers available to you? Don't be. Just take a look at these gorgeous, seasonal arrangements for a little pre-wedding inspiration—and let the amazing flowers featured in each one of them help inform your own summer floral search.

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Lush and Varied

floral centerpieces at wedding reception
Anya Kernes Photography

Choose a few different types of in-season blooms to give your arrangement a from-nature feel. This setup—which was designed by Heavenly Blooms Floral Designs and features summer flowers like clematis and roses—is lush and textured, making it appear as though the flowers were plucked straight from a garden in full bloom.

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Potted Plants

floral wedding reception place settings
Charla Storey

Stray from classic cut flowers assembled into arrangements by lining your tablescape with potted plants, like Cezanne Floral did for this couple. The delicate, garden party-inspired centerpieces were designed as a way to minimize waste and eliminate the need for snipping the flowers.

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Whimsical Colors

beach themed place settings wedding
Perry Vaile

If there was ever a time to lean into a whimsical color palette, it's during summer. This couple's centerpieces celebrate the bright hues of the season with centerpieces (designed by Amaryllis Inc) featuring seasonal bloomers (like garden roses, delphinium, and dahlias) in shades of coral, pink, yellow, orange, green, white, and blue.

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Bright Whites

summer wedding centerpieces bright white floral
Cavin Elizabeth Photography

A bright white centerpiece operates much like a neon one. Take this arrangement by Blue Ladder Botany, for example. The peonies, roses, and carnations (which bloom in summer!) are so white they appear almost fluorescent. They were so high-contrast that they stood out against the cream-and-gray tablescape, curated by Green Apple Event Co., seen here.

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Garden Party

summer wedding centerpieces floral garden party
Jasmine Lee Photography

Spring gets all the credit: We often associate the season with the blossoming of long-dormant blooms. But flowers come to life all summer long. Celebrate this lush time of year with a sprawling tabletop arrangement that looks more like a full-fledged garden than a compact centerpiece, à la this peony, rose, and ranunculus runner by Bloomwell & Co.

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Peachy Peonies

summer wedding centerpieces peach peonies and candles
Alexandra Vonk

Turn to summer's ripe bounty when ideating your tablescape's design and florals. Bloom Wedding and Bloom Your Life used one of the season's most iconic harvests—peaches—when creating this tabletop. They used the fruit's colorway throughout the tabletop, from the linens and pillar candles to the orange-meets-pink peonies embedded in the centerpieces.

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Pink Gradient

summer wedding centerpieces pink gradient floral
Stella Yang Photography

If you look closely, you'll spot an iconic summer bloom right in the center of this Designs by Hemingway centerpiece: orchids. Our favorite part about this arrangement, however, is the gradient color palette. As your eye moves left to right over the image, note how cream roses darken to blush; a pop of bright pink (via the orchids!) defines the center; and dark burgundy scabiosa complete the ombré effect.

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summer wedding centerpieces moody floral bouquets
Elisa Bricker

Who says your summer centerpiece has to burst with seasonal color? This Mallory Joyce Design display is proof that moody shades, including merlot and mauve, work just as well—especially if you translate these hues through in-season buds, like peonies, roses, and carnations.

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Summer Classic

summer wedding classic centerpieces white rose floral arrangement
Kati Rosado Photography

Couples planning polished, classic weddings should bookmark this idea by Kate Asire. A stunning mix of cream, pale yellow, and barely-there orange rose varieties defined this traditional compote centerpiece. The arrangement was right at home on this paisley-clad tabletop, which was designed by Upstate I Do.

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summer wedding floral bouquet centerpieces
Ashley Ludaescher Photography

Looking to add some height to your summer centerpiece? Incorporate arched bloom-covered branches into your seasonal mix of peonies, lilies, and carnations, like Brie Walter with Pavan Floral did here on this Nina Moore Designs tablescape.

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summer wedding centerpieces yellow white floral
Jennifer Fujikawa

When brainstorming your tabletop arrangements' color story, choose a focal-point shade that screams summer, like yellow. The cheerful hue defined the majority of this Emblem Flowers arrangement. Accent colors, like pink (seen in the centers of the vibrant lilies) and cream (a grounding neutral), added visual interest to the display.

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Fuchsia Explosion

summer wedding centerpieces flora Fuchsia Explosion
Jenna McElroy Photography

Pink-lovers, this fuchsia-everything arrangement, which was created by Color Theory Collective, is for you. One word of advice: Incorporate a neutral hue (the pros worked in a unique café au lait-hued rose in the center of this display) to temper the over-the-top color palette.

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Pink Nautical

summer wedding centerpieces floral pink nautical
Alisa Ferris

When you think of nautical wedding motifs, one distinct color comes to mind: blue (more specifically, navy). A floral arrangement, however, can still reference oceanic elements sans that color marker. This organic, pink-centric Beauty in the Making arrangement was composed of many sea-inspired blooms; its fluted lilies' patterns recalled fish scales, while the base mauve plant resembled anemones.

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Pinks and Purples

summer wedding centerpieces pink and purple floral
Ether and Smith

Using a slew of in-bloom flowers, like carnations, peonies, and cosmos, can help bring just about any floral color palette—including a spring favorite, like pink and purple—straight into summer. Wild Muse Florals created this vibrant mix; Lovingly Yours was responsible for the rest of the tabletop's design.

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summer wedding centerpieces bright bright neon floral
Tenth and Grace

Come summer, it's easy to whip out ultra-bright colors, courtesy of nature. This modern centerpiece by Nicole Chapman Design—situated on a tabletop designed by RSVP Event Design—is proof that seasonal neon shades can feel refined. Note the vibrant, sunny-centered pink peonies and bright yellow dahlias, both of which gave this arrangement its vibrancy.

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New-Age Orchids

summer wedding centerpieces floral orchids
Cavin Elizabeth Photography

Reimagining staple summer blooms in new colorways is the easiest way to modernize your seasonal centerpieces. At this warm-weather event, tawny-hued orchids were the unexpected focal point of contemporary tabletop displays by Lindsay Coletta.

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Tropical Plants

summer wedding centerpieces tropical plants
Stephanie Brauer

Look to tropical locales where it's summer all year round when sourcing flowers for your warm-weather tabletops. Don Eloy included two lace leaf buds—an exotic favorite—in this dynamic garland, which also featured ranunculus, orchids, roses, and scabiosa.

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summer wedding centerpieces neutral floral arrangement
Taralynn Lawton

The best part about flowers that come to life in the summer months? They're about as plentiful as it gets—which guarantees that there's a readily-available option to suit your event's color palette. You can find just about any of these bloom types in neutral hues, as evidenced by this Simple Florals arrangement. The mix showcases a gamut of creams, from yellow-tinted ranunculus and buttery Japanese anemones to barely-blush spray roses.

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Lilies and Leaves

floral centerpiece
O'Malley Photographers

Bright pink lilies and lush, leafy ferns—which reach their most verdant shade in the summertime—pair prettily together. This Wildheart tabletop arrangement, which also involved orchids, peonies, andromeda, ranunculus, and tulips, is proof.

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Darks and Lights

floral pink centerpiece blue
Rebecca Hollis

Peachy-pink tropical blooms automatically connote warm weather—so put them front and center when designing your tablescape's botanicals. Greenwood Events juxtaposed the exotic varietals against oxblood dahlias for a statement contrast.

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Summer Brights

alessa andrew wedding centerpiece
Meg Smith

We love how the orange, yellow, and fuchsia roses and ranunculus in this Jenna Lam Events arrangement complement the salmon tones used throughout the rest of the tabletop.

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ashley adam wedding texas centerpiece terracotta
Apryl Ann Photography

If you're searching for modern centerpiece inspiration for your June nuptials, you've found it in this Bows and Arrows arrangement. The experts inserted andromeda sprigs, unfolding ranunculus, black-eyed susans, and delphinium into a contemporary terra-cotta bowl by Rico Terre.

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shelby preston wedding centerpiece
Jake and Heather Photography

Think spring owns pastel color palettes? Think again. Work your favorite watercolor shades, like lilac, blush, and peach, into your summer centerpieces. This mix by Meristem Floral incorporated garden roses, dahlias, hellebores, ranunculus, delphiniums, larkspurs, snapdragons, clematis, spray roses, and cosmos.

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garden roses, orchids, or chocolate cosmos centerpieces
Katie Julia

Though thistles look like a dried bloom—and, therefore, feel more fall-forward—they actually bloom from July through August, making them accessible for your mid-summer nuptials. Make like Studio Sorores and use them as an accent bud alongside garden roses, orchids, and chocolate cosmos.

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Contemporary Rose Garden

brittany peter wedding centerpiece pink flowers
Matthew Moore Photography

There's a reason why roses are such a popular wedding flower—they're readily available all year round. They're also incredibly malleable—reinvent them to fit your modern summer wedding's aesthetic by gently pulling down the base petals and tucking them into sleek ceramic bowls, à la this Clementine Botanical Arts display.

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Peony Trove

ashley basil wedding floral centerpiece on table
Paige Jones Photography

Here's a creative way to help your summertime blooms stand out: Highlight your favorite varieties by keeping their stems longer than the rest. Yellow-centered peonies hovered above the base flowers—including ranunculus and poppies—in this copper trove vessel, arranged by Moon Canyon.

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Late-Summer Fruits

roses ranunculous dahlias amaryllis pears persimmons figs herbs
Lisa Ziesing for Abby Jiu Photography

If your event walks the line between summer and fall, consider adding blooms (and fruits!) that speak to both seasons to your centerpieces. Beehive Events did just that when creating this timely mix, which was comprised of spray roses, ranunculus, dahlias, and amaryllis paired with burnished pears, persimmons, figs, and fresh herbs.

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Pretty in Pink

Vintage dahlia and rose summer wedding centerpiece
Natalie Watson Photography

Looking for a little floral romance to add to the big day? Take a cue from this rose and dahlia centerpiece by Jaclyn Journey.

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Antique Bowl

summer centerpieces jen huang
Jen Huang

Dusty pink roses and vibrant blush dahlias look even fresher when placed inside an antique planter bowl (we love the subtle moss staining on the vessels of these KD&J Botanica creations).

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