"I imagine tea and scones, lots of itty bitty teaspoons, and pink lace embroidery on everything … I also feel like there should be pink and white confetti softly raining down on all these lovely women while they eat their scones."
Credit: Courtesy of Claire Thomas

Turns out most men haven't given bridal showers much thought, as bachelorette parties, being the crazier of the two, steal all their attention. These guys' ideas-some not too far off and others hilarious-will get you psyched for your own bridal shower.

"After pre-gaming by shopping for the latest kitchen appliances and lingerie, guests enjoy watching the bride open and react to her gifts. They also laugh, reminisce about their single days, and say goodbye to their friend's [the bride's] ability to give them her full attention." -Zach, 35

"A bunch of chicks being chicks. You draw your dream dress, pick out what accessories look good, guess what your husband would say to certain questions, play Never Have I Ever. And the bride gets cookware: pots and pans, cheese plates, serving dishes, maybe a Crock-Pot … girls love Crock-Pots. The older the people there, the better the gifts." -Casey, 32

"A bridal shower is the more civilized get-together that the bridal party throws for the bride … the one that her mother can attend! Presents are given, games are played, and women gossip! And reminisce: 'Do you remember that time when ... ?' Men wouldn't want to attend even if they were invited." -Ethan, 27

"I think you girls mostly sit around and talk … maybe even sit in a circle with some presents in the middle. There's probably some food involved and wine. And lots of advice being shared." -Gene, 33

"They drink tea, eat cake, talk about what they're all wearing to the wedding, and play some grown-up version of pin the tail on the donkey." -Andrew, 40

"I picture a small reception but for girls only that one of the bridesmaids or a family member hosts. A few people probably make speeches, and the food is catered, probably sandwiches. Maybe they play dress-up? The bride puts on dresses and everyone admires her?" -Alex, 24

"I don't think anything mysterious or scandalous happens. It's a group of women, having lunch or brunch, presenting the bride with gifts … off the registry, right? Though I've seen them get lingerie on TV. They play a game called bridal bingo … related to the gifts." -Marshall, 33

"There's probably some attempted matchmaking … the bride trying to set up her single friends with the groom's friends. And there would be talk about the next shower … relatives already putting the pressure on for a baby." -Daniel, 26

"I imagine tea and scones, lots of itty bitty teaspoons and pink lace embroidery on everything, everyone taking turns to gaze into the soul of a big blue diamond and gasp and gush. I also feel like there should be pink and white confetti softly raining down on all these lovely women while they eat their scones." -Justin, 34

"No doubt, there are mass amounts of white wine consumed at a bridal shower: easy drinking and less likely to stain when things get rowdy. Not sure about food, but I suspect there is a lot of finger food and hors d'oeuvres. The married women in the room are likely the ringleaders for any shenanigans that go on. Everyone probably tries to look hot-this is important in a large gathering of female friends." -Dave, 32


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