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If there's one trip you'll take in your lifetime that you'd like to receive all the possible perks for, it's definitely your honeymoon. Luckily, most hotels and resorts feel strongly about pampering their just-married guests, going above and beyond what a normal stay might involve to dazzle the newlyweds. To get the most out of your trip, a reputable travel agent can be a big help, as they often have the connections necessary to gain access to these types of extras. Not working with a travel agent? It doesn't hurt to remind your hotel manager that you're on honeymoon or even ask if they offer newlywed couples any special perks.

Beachside Dining

Even if your resort is located smack-dab on the beach, they might not typically offer the incredibly romantic perk of beachside dining. At least for the average guest, that is. "This is big in the all-inclusive and Caribbean world, and for good reason-just imagine waves lapping while you sip a cool glass of Champagne in your own small section of the beach," says Jennifer Jacob, CEO and founder of Explorateur Travel, LLC. "Many people have this as a must-have for their honeymoon, and luckily there are quite a few hotels that offer this to honeymooners." Love the idea of dining by the ocean? She recommends considering tropical islands like Antigua and Jamaica for your honeymoon-these locales most often accommodate this kind of request.

A Wine Welcome

You just got off a long flight after one of the most (if not the most) exhilarating, but exhausting, weekends of your life-if there's one thing you're craving aside from a nap, it's a nice glass of wine. That's why so many hotels and resorts are offering a wine welcome as a standard amenity for honeymooners. "The Relais & Chateau hotels are so good about providing this when they know there is a special occasion," says Jacob. "Also, all-inclusives, like Unico 20.87 in Riviera Maya, are great about providing a relaxing refreshment!"

Complimentary Breakfast

As basic as this sounds, it's most certainly not a given at every hotel, even when they know you're on your honeymoon. Nonetheless, it's Jacob's favorite amenity to book for her clients because it saves honeymooners money and allows them to start their morning conveniently at their hotel with a more conventional breakfast (where in some cities they just opt for a pastry and coffee at a café). "In cities like Paris, Rome, or frankly, any high end hotel anywhere in the world, this amenity is worth its weight in gold," she says. "Hotels like The Ritz and St. Regis are well known for granting this meal on the house for honeymooners if it's not typically included in the room charge."

Room Upgrades

If available, almost all hotels will offer upgrades to any honeymooners coming their way. "They know that honeymooners will share their experience, and they want to make sure that you have a memory at their property to last a lifetime," says Jacob. "Regardless of the hotel, as long as you have expressed the purpose of the trip as a honeymoon, you should be considered for a room upgrade upon check-in."

Daily Spa Treatments

Sounds pretty incredible right? Who wouldn't want to enjoy a relaxing spa treatment of some sort every day of their honeymoon? That's what you can expect when honeymooning at the all-inclusive BodyHoliday in St. Lucia. "A daily spa treatment is included with every stay, and enjoying the property on a secluded white sand cove is a perfect place to reinvigorate yourselves after the stress of a wedding," says honeymoon planner Stephanie Goldberg Glazer. "Exclusive amenities here include a 50-minute spa treatment, 30-minute nutritional consultation and a 30-minute fitness lesson."


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