It's all about guests' comfort.
Credit: La Vie Photography

If you were getting married outdoors during hurricane season, you wouldn't hesitate to come up with a backup plan (an indoor backup spot for the ceremony and reception). But what if your outdoor wedding is set to take place in the summer? Do you need a similar indoor plan in the event of extreme heat? Absolutely! The hot sun beating down on guests for hours can be unbearable, and offering chilled bottles of water helps only so much. What's the tipping point to moving indoors? Well, you don't want to wait until people start to faint! Here's how to recognize when it's time to call it quits and head inside.

The temperature reaches 80 degrees or higher.

Here's a math equation for you: sitting in the blazing hot temps + wearing nice clothes = guest who can't wait to go home. And if you live in a humid area, it'll feel worse. Even if your ceremony is short, say 20 minutes or less, guests will be in the sun much longer, since they'll arrive early to get to the wedding on time. And that 80-degree rule isn't written in stone-if it's sweltering at 75 degrees, go inside! What about a breezy 83-degree day? If you think your loved ones will be comfortable, stick it out.

Guests are using their wedding programs to fan themselves.

This isn't always a bad thing. Some couples getting married outside actually pick a program shaped like a fan for guests to use. But they're meant to be effective on days that are warm, not scorching. It's just a piece of paper, not a personal air conditioning unit.

You didn't rent a tent.

Having a big tent with air conditioners is a great solution to the heat problem, but it also comes with a big expense. If a tent won't fit in your budget, plan on trooping indoors should the temperatures rise.

There's no shade anywhere.

When there are no tall trees, buildings, or other places that provide shade, people have nowhere to escape to. To avoid everyone dripping as they watch you wed, take the festivities inside.


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