Affordable Wedding Centerpieces That Still Look Elevated

molly michael wedding reception
Photo: Anne-Marie Bouchard Photography

Florist Mindy Rice shares her tips and ideas for designs that cut costs without cutting out style.

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molly michael wedding reception
Anne-Marie Bouchard Photography

Floral centerpieces are basically a given at receptions. They help you decorate your event's space with the colors in your palette, and add dimension to any table. But choosing the right décor for your party is a daunting task, and it's especially tough when certain blooms and materials come with high price tags. With so many other elements to budget for, how can you achieve the look you want without breaking the bank?

First, turn to affordable flora. Top floral designer Mindy Rice recommends stock flowers, wax flowers, snapdragons, hydrangea, and even spray or standard roses in lieu of garden roses, which are more expensive. Blooms like sunflowers and tulips are also cheap but still beautiful. If you really love a pricier flower, "use it sparingly," advises Rice. You can opt for a minimalist design, or make bigger arrangements using inexpensive fillers.

Second, look beyond flowers. Rice recommends thinking "outside of the box" and considering greenery, for example. Fruits and veggies work, too. You can also put the focus on your display tactics, rather than what you're displaying. "If you have a tighter budget, try using plants in amazing vessels," she shares. Alternatively, you can skip natural accents altogether, and try paper blooms or something entirely non-floral, like candles.

Rice's final tip? "Do a little research on local growers and local product." How you source (some providers offer lower rates), where you source from (availability depends on location), and when you source (in-season flowers are typically more inexpensive) all matter. See her ideas—and more—come to life in the inspiration ahead.

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Berry Centerpieces

ana and damon reception table decor
Shannen Natasha of The Wedding Artists Collective

Think beyond flowers. Berries made a visually-interesting addition to these centerpieces.

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Minimalist Centerpieces

Ben Christensen Photography

Minimalism is all the rage, as these chic cluster arrangements went to show.

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Branch Centerpieces

maggie zach wedding table tall centerpiece
Vienna Glenn Photography

Foliage takes up more space than blooms do, making it a great choice. At this wedding, maple branches gave the room a natural look.

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Fall Centerpieces

wedding centerpieces white flowers fall leaves
Jose Villa

These Kathleen Deery Design centerpieces featured colorful fall foliage, which was combined with affordable hydrangea bunches.

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Garland Centerpieces

meg nick wedding placesetting
Elisa Bricker

When you've got long tables to fill, garlands are an enchanting option, and are often more affordable than tons of flowers. This one was made using greenery like seeded eucalyptus.

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Simple Centerpieces

perri phillip wedding california tablescape
Steve Steinhardt

Single stems of clematis are stunning all on their own.

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Multitasking Centerpieces

Erin McGinn Photography

Instead of saving by choosing cheaper blooms, make your centerpieces work harder. You can build arrangements that double as favors, or triple as escort cards and favors.

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Wildflower Centerpieces

white flowers wedding centerpiece tea cup saucer
The De Jaureguis

These wild blooms were styled in teacups by Wendie Monrroy on Main for a charming feel. You can likely find similar vessels at an antique store or rental company.

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Grass Centerpieces

molly michael wedding reception table
Anne-Marie Bouchard Photography

Olive branches and other Italian greens decorated these reception tables. For more dimension, Blumenstudio foraged grasses from swamps nearby the wedding venue.

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Sunflower Centerpieces

colorful wedding centerpiece candles
Sarah Kate Photography

Sunflowers are inexpensive, but because they're big, they make for lush centerpieces (like these Jackson Durham Events arrangements) regardless.

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Streamer Centerpieces

reception tables
Amber Gress

You don't need massive arrangements when you've also got something eye-catching overhead. At this wedding, budget-friendly streamers hung from above.

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Unique Centerpieces

affordable wedding centerpieces rebecca yale photography
Rebecca Yale Photography

Wraparound stems in clear vessels made these centerpieces shine despite their size.

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Classic Centerpieces

white roses flowers wedding centerpieces
Mirelle Carmichael Photography

This classic Swenson & Silacci arrangement was made using wax flowers, roses, and more.

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Rustic Centerpieces

white wedding centerpieces
Lara Hotz Photography

Queen Anne's Lace, roses, and stephanotis made these Trille Floral and Carla Florist centerpieces pretty but affordable.

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Fruit Centerpieces

oranges centerpiece
Sara Weir Photography

This couple adorned their tables with crates of fresh oranges. Because their wedding took place in California, the citrus fruits were easy to obtain, and the final look was fun and thematic.

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Tall Centerpieces

tall wedding centerpieces white flowers sunflowers
m three studio

If you're looking for ideas, try making your guests look up. Tall arrangements (like these Flora ones) wow, even when made with affordable blooms.

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Whimsical Centerpieces

wedding centerpieces greenery flowers clear vase
Jenny Moloney Photography

Wild flora overflowed in these plucked-from-nature centerpieces by Fleur Events.

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Casual Centerpieces

wedding centerpieces flowers greenery single can vase
Greer Gattuso

These casual arrangements were spruced up with a few roses.

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Centerpieces in Elegant Vessels

stefanie drew wedding placesetting
Julie Livingston Photography

Try your luck at flea markets to score pretty vessels like these for less, or rent them instead of buying. You can even crowdsource and build a collection from your family and friends' homes.

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Mismatched Centerpieces

wedding centerpiece white vases candles purple flowers
Elissa R Photography

Mix and match rustic blooms in various vessels for an eclectic tablescape.

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Stock Centerpieces

wedding centerpieces long table tin cans painted wine bottles
FunkyBird Photography

FunkyBird Wedding Design stuck stock in metallic cans alongside other centerpieces for this reception.

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Snapdragon Centerpieces

Britt Chudleigh - Chudleigh Weddings

When you opt for inexpensive flowers like snapdragons and stock, you can buy more for less. A canopy like this would make an imaginative alternative to table centerpieces.

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Baby's Breath Centerpieces

KT Merry

These tall and abundant arrangements were as simple as they were beautiful, featuring bundles of low-cost baby's breath for a delicate-but-full look.

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Milk Jug Centerpieces


These eye-catching milk jugs were flea-market finds, and were perfect for storing an array of stems.

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Paper Bag Centerpieces

Wende LLT. Webber

Slip plain white lunch bags over containers brimming with small white blooms for arrangements that look farmer's-market fresh.

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Paper Flower Centerpieces

Copper Candle Centerpieces

Gorgeous paper magnolias are a wilt-free way to incorporate these beautiful harbingers of spring into an eye-popping centerpiece.

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Fern Centerpieces

Cambria Grace Photography

Deep green ferns looked ethereal in glass bottles for this simple, forest-meets-table spread.

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Tea Candle Centerpieces


Tea candle settings can be bought in bulk. These custom-shaped candles were handmade with cookie cutters.

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Basket Centerpieces


Baskets are inexpensive vessels that offer a rustic look.

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Seashell Centerpieces


For a beach-themed wedding, buy a bulk assortment of shells, then place them in clear displays, like in this spread.

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Tasty Centerpieces


Design your own edible arrangement for a centerpiece that doubles as dessert. These stacked doughnuts were a sweet and satisfying pick.

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Spray Centerpieces

Johnny Miller

Mix inexpensive blooms like miniature daisies, doily-shaped Queen Anne's lace, and baby's breath to create a show-stopping centerpiece like this one.

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Origami Centerpieces

Julie Lim

Branches adorned with origami cherry blossoms are an inexpensive way to incorporate this springtime bloom year-round.

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Favor Centerpieces

Copper Candle Centerpieces

Try multitaskers that serve as decorations, store your favors, and also serve as table numbers.

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Cluster Centerpieces

Rebecca Yale Photography

Tulips and hydrangeas are classics in the flower world, and cheap to boot. Paired together in cluster centerpieces, they looked lovely at this wedding.

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Candle Centerpieces

Copper Candle Centerpieces

Customize candleholders with spray paint in the colors of your choosing for a simple, easy idea.

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Seedling Centerpieces


Many online nurseries offer large quantities of tree seedings—foot-tall spruces like these are an environment-friendly takeway that give guests a living memory to cherish always (so long as they plant them!).

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Tea Tin Centerpieces


Collect vintage tea tins from tag/garage/yard sales, flea markets, and online shops, then fill them with assortments of inexpensive blooms.

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Foliage Centerpieces

Amber Gress

These vases overflowed with lush, rustic greenery, bringing tables exceptional volume with unexpected beauty.

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Votive Centerpieces


Tie single stems to simple votives for candlelit centerpieces that would shine at any summer wedding. Keep the flowers fresh by submerging their tips in water-filled saucers.

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