9 Expert Beauty Tips for Indian Wedding Makeup

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Be your best self, whether your Hindu celebration spans one day or many, with these makeup and hair pointers from two pro stylists.

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Get Guidance


Even if you decide not to hire one for your special day, it is a good idea to consult with a makeup artist and hairstylist before the wedding to help determine what looks (from your locks to your nails) best suit your features and the ensemble you will be wearing. During the consultation, you'll learn tricks of the trade, such as which products provide long-lasting coverage or have the best photographic qualities, says Brittany Jones, a Texas-based makeup artist and the pro behind this real bride's look.

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Call on Your Color Scheme

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Because most Hindu weddings burst with color, "It makes sense to go with a stronger palette for your makeup choices," says Sherrie Long, a makeup artist from Los Angeles. Don't blend in with your extravagant surroundings, but rather stand out, letting your face win everyone's attention. Play up your look with hues that complement the wedding's colors and that showstopping sari. For example, maroons pair well with deep reds, while blues go nicely with soft pinks, Long advises.

To transform your bridal look from day to night, put one of Morphe's eye shadow palettes to work. With more than five cases available, and up to 35 pigments, from electric blue to bright orange, in each, the options are limitless.

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Pack a Day-Of Toolkit

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Indian weddings are marathons compared to the one-day sprint of Western weddings. Brides often apply their makeup in the wee hours of the morning, sometimes as early as 3 a.m., and then touch it up during the back-to-back rituals and the reception, which can last well beyond midnight! That's almost 24 hours of applications. If your makeup artist skedaddles sooner than expected, don't worry. Long recommends these products that should get you through the rest of your big day: a lip palette with a range of shades to match your mood and outfit; blotting papers to keep skin shine-free; extra blush to give your checks a dazzling afterglow; and eyeliner to ensure your eyes pop around the clock.

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Just Do It

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To seal everything with a kiss, Jones suggests red or berry lipstick tones. Her secret weapon is Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain, a drugstore favorite that she pairs with lip liner to prevent the color from bleeding off your perfect pout. "I always recommend a lip liner, even if it's only a nude color that doesn't show up," she says. No light liner on hand? Here's her trick to application: trace the outermost part of your lips with concealer. Genius!

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Waterproof Your Makeup


It's okay to cry (during your aisle walk, over spilled Champagne, or in conjunction with a good laugh) if you are wearing leak-proof eye makeup. Jones recommends using Tom Ford's Eye Defining Pen, a dual-ended liquid eyeliner, or Bobbi Brown's Long Wear Eye-Pencil, which provides up to 12 hours of coverage. Brides on a budget can swipe on Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner by L'Oréal Paris for similar results, she suggests.

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Fall for False Eyelashes

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Big and bold lashes can be achieved in the blink of an eye thanks to these products. Apply individual lashes to your lash line to add subtle thickness, or use an entire strip of falsies for a more dramatic, doe-eyed look. "When applied correctly, they open up the eyes and stay put all day," Jones says. And just like the rest of your eye makeup, the lashes are a cinch to remove.

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Go With Cream

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With the constant click of cameras, it's important for brides to start with a good base by disguising redness, blemishes, and other imperfections. "In my experience, a lot of girls want dramatic highlights, shadows, and contours … which is so much easier to create with a cream base," Long says. "Plus it photographs beautifully." Powder and liquid foundations can make a face fall flat, while creamy cosmetics achieve a vibrant and flawless complexion.

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Take a Second Shift

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If there's time between the wedding ceremony and reception, consider hopping in the shower (to whip off the good-luck sindoor) and hitting the reset button. For brides in a time crunch, skip the drastic do-over and "add some more makeup to accentuate certain areas," Long says, like a bold lip or smoky eye. For a more effortless elevation of your look, take down your twisted chignon or tight updo, letting those long locks loose for the night.

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Consider Airbrushing

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On your wedding day, love is in the air … brushing! Airbrushed makeup lasts all day and requires fewer touchups, an invaluable quality for a bride with multiple wardrobe, makeup, and hair changes.

"Airbrushing is waterproof, sweatproof, tearproof—anything that you can imagine!" says Jones, so it will last as well as cream-based formulas and, sometimes, even better. Jones even once used this makeup technique to conceal remaining henna when the bride transitioned from ceremony to reception.

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