Our Editor-at-Large, Darcy Miller, weighs in on this important fashion question.
wedding accessories

Having the opportunity to meet real engaged women is one of my favorite things about this job. What do I love most about chatting with brides-to-be? Getting to answer their burning wedding-planning questions. As of late, I'e been getting many inquiries related to fashion and accessories-I recently gave my top tips for dressing a co-ed bridal party-and now I'm weighing in on an equally important style question: Can you choose your big-day accessories before you select a wedding dress?

I love this question, because although they're something that many people don't even think about until the last minute, your shoes, veil, jewelry, and even undergarments shouldn't be afterthoughts. They complete your look-and can also in inspire it. You might fall in love with a crazy hat, or inherit a lace veil that changes your idea of the perfect dress. So, think about these things while dress shopping. It's never too early.

Once you've found a gown, making the accessories a priority will help you (and the dressmaker) at fitting time. You'll be able to see what your shoes will look like with your dress and how long it needs to be to compensate for the heels. And your day-of undergarments will allow you to see exactly how your dress is falling. Another note about shoes: The pair that feel good in the store aren't always so comfortable when you're on your feet for six hours! It's a good idea to wear your wedding shoes around the house to make sure you'll be happy wearing them on the big day.


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