Want to make your head table sparkle? Create this impressive chandelier from budget-friendly metal sheets, then use them to elevate glass vases as well.
Credit: Sylvie Becquet

Enlist your bridesmaids to help with this mixed-metal fixture, and you'll be admiring your collective brilliance all night. We used K&S metal rolls in copper and brass (createforless.com), and mirrored the look with simple vases -- just measure sheets to round glass vessels, cut to fit, and attach with foil tape.


Ted Muehling for Nymphenburg "White Coral" plates, erbutler.com.

Chandelier How-To

  1. To make the chandelier frame, hang an 18-inch wooden hoop (createforless.com) from a 28-inch wooden hoop (williamsburgmarketplace.com) using monofilament.
  2. With scissors, cut metal sheets into 8-by-12-inch panels (you'll need about 30 total). Secure to a cutting mat with masking tape and cut 1- to 3-inch holes in the metal sheet using a Fiskars circle cutter (scrapbook.com). Remove panels from mat and let them form their natural curl.
  3. String monofilament horizontally across the inside of each panel (like you would on the back of a picture frame), at varying heights, and secure the string ends with foil tape.
  4. Hang panels from the bottom hoop with monofilament, alternating brass and copper and staggering the heights. Once full, hang more panels from the top hoop. To completely conceal the top hoop, tie remaining panels directly to the hoop itself until entirely covered.
  5. Tie three pieces of gold cord, spaced evenly, around the top hoop. To hang, secure cords to a beam or ceiling hook.


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