Hand-Carved Stamp Favor Bags

For weddings and other celebrations, stamping is an easy and versatile way to decorate many different surfaces: napkins, banners, and favor boxes and pouches, to name a few. In this DIY, we show you how to make a stamp and use it to personalize cotton goody bags for your guests.

Stamped Bags


  • Rubber carving block
  • Pencil
  • Spoon
  • Carving tools
  • Wood or acrylic backing
  • Fabric stamp ink (check out this great comparison of different brands)
  • Cotton bag (we used these)


1. Start by creating or choosing a design. If this is your first time carving, keep things simple. (Note: If you use text or an image from the computer, you will need to reverse the image.)

2. Once you have your design, you can either draw it directly on the rubber carving block or transfer it. To transfer your design, outline it with a soft pencil. Then turn it over and place it face down on your rubber block. Rub the paper with the back of a spoon to transfer the design to the rubber.


3. Now that you have transferred the design onto the rubber, start carving. It's best to start with a bigger carving tip first and then move to the smallest for the finer details. You may want to practice to get a feel for carving. When you are done with your design, cut away any excess edges to get a clean edge. Do a couple practice stamps to make sure you carved out all the areas that you don't want to print. Adjust the stamp as needed before you start on your final pieces.


4. When you are done carving, attach the stamp to a wood or acrylic backing to keep your hands free of ink.


5. Now it's time to stamp your bag. Lay it on a flat surface. Then take the stamp pad in one hand, and place your design onto the pad to evenly cover it with ink. Once it is covered, you are ready to stamp it onto the bag.

Aloe Stamped Black

6. When you are done stamping, set the design by following the instructions that came with your ink. Once the design is set, your custom-stamped bags are ready to use!

Stamped Bags
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