9 Celebrity Bridal Showers You Have to See

lea michele bridal shower venue
Lea Michele via Instagram

Celebrities are often seen either throwing or going to large, star-studded events, which makes fans assume that every party in their life, including their pre-wedding celebrations, follows the same formula. While this may hold true for some, (we're looking at you, Priyanka Chopra!) most stars prefer to keep their personal events low-key—even when it's a party as exciting as a bridal shower. In fact, many famous brides-to-be elect to keep their guest lists short when it comes to honoring their impending nuptials.

However, just because their guest lists are intimate doesn't mean the parties are any less aesthetically pleasing. In fact, they're usually gorgeous whatever their size. Even more impressive? Though some A-listers enlist the help of a bridal shower planner, plenty take the route that everyone else does: A friend or a family member typically hosts and helps plan this special event. The only difference is that their loved ones are often creatives themselves, which results in a celebration that is the definition of Instagram-worthy—and perfectly showcases each bride-to-be's personality. From small backyard parties to a shower at Tiffany's, each of these celebrity events gives us a glimpse into our favorite stars' big days that we may not have been privy to, otherwise.

If anything, the following celebrity bridal showers are yet another example of how these famous future-brides are not so different from everyone else. While we're used to seeing these stars dressed to the nines at award shows, it's evident that not all celebrities need the glitz and glam to have a great time with their friends and family.

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Lea Michele

lea michele and mom bridal shower
Lea Michele via Instagram

Lea Michele celebrated her engagement to fashion entrepreneur Zandy Reich with an all-white bridal shower hosted by her mother, Edith Sarfati. "My mom threw me the bridal shower of my dreams!" the actress wrote in an Instagram post. To pay homage to the event's color palette and her upcoming nuptials, the star wore a white Christian Siriano ensemble.

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Priyanka Chopra

priyanka chopra and mother bridal shower
Priyanka Chopra via Instagram

Priyanka Chopra's lavish wedding called for an equally extravagant bridal shower. Her manager, Anjula Acharia, and friend, film producer Mubina Rattonsey, planned the bride-to-be's shower "that broke all the rules" at Tiffany's. "Love, laughter and a room full of amazing ladies...and some special gentlemen (what a special surprise)!" Chopra captioned her Instagram post. "My amazing friends and family who made me feel so special and loved, thank you."

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Beth Behrs

beth behrs bridal shower decoration
Beth Behrs via Instagram

Not every celebrity shower has to be an over-the-top event. Before her July 2018 wedding to Mad Men star Michael Gladis, Beth Behrs hosted an intimate, but star-studded celebration at her home. Two names on the guest list were her former 2 Broke Girls co-star, Kat Dennings, and her husband's co-star, Christina Hendricks.

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Serena Williams

serena and venus williams bridal shower
Serena Williams via Instagram

One party simply wasn't enough for Serena Williams (and we can't blame her!). The athlete flew to Miami with her closest friends and family for a bridal shower weekend of yoga, spa treatments, yachting, and more.

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Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore Engagement Party
Mandy Moore via Instagram

Mandy Moore ensured she was surrounded by the people she cares about most at her pre-wedding party. Her best friend and business mogul, Raina Penchansky, hosted the small celebration at the Hotel Bel-Air in Beverly Hills. "My heart bursts for each and every one of these ladies," she said in her post. "If you are the company you keep, then I am in excellent standing."

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Julianne Hough

julianne hough bridal shower selfie
Sharee Hough via Instagram

Julianne Hough's sister, Sharee, and creative eye, Heidi Swapp, took advantage of the beautiful weather and hosted a colorful, outdoor bridal celebration for the dancer. According to Hough's blog post on the event, the shower included a perfume-making station, personalized bracelets, delicious food, and customized lemonades.

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Kelsea Ballerini

kelsea ballerini bridal shower balloon
Kelsea Ballerini via Instagram

In 2017, Kelsea Ballerini's friends threw her a fall bridal shower to honor her engagement to her fiancé, Morgan Evans. Guests dressed in autumnal colors and held bouquets of orange, yellow, white, and pink balloons. Ballerini was also gifted "K" and "M" balloons to represent her and her future husband's initials.

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Anna Camp

anna camp bridal shower guests
Anna Camp via Instagram

After getting engaged to Skylar Astin, her Pitch Perfect co-star, in 2016, Anna Camp enjoyed a country-themed event with her bridesmaids. Among the members of her bridal party was Brittany Snow, Camp's best friend both on and off screen.

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Lauren Conrad

lauren conrad bridal shower flower wall
Allison Norton Rolfes via Instagram

Back in 2014, Lauren Conrad had just said "yes" to musician William Tell's proposal. Of course, the fashion designer's shower was full of Instagram-worthy details, such as a paper flower wall, custom cocktail napkins embossed with "Almost Mrs. Tell," and Victorian-themed china.

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