You'll have a blast either way.

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Exotic destination weddings get a lot of attention, but it's time to consider a hot new spot that's sure to delight you and your guests just as much as that oceanfront locale: your hometown. While tying the knot close to home may not seem as flashy as a destination celebration, there are plenty of reasons to love a hometown wedding. Here, our top three reasons why throwing a hometown ceremony and reception is just as exciting-and maybe even a little bit more special-as their far-flung counterparts.

You have home field advantage.

You know your hometown like the back of your hand, and its likely played a central role in your love story. With a little creativity, you can bring loved ones along in the story of your relationship in a sweet way. Create a tour of significant landmarks from your dating days that out-of-town guests can experience, or choose the restaurant where you had your first date for your rehearsal dinner. During downtime, encourage guests to visit some of your favorite shops and eateries, or work with local vendors you've known for years on the big day. Each and every detail will add more meaning to the big day.

There are some seriously sweet photo opps.

If you're lucky enough to still have access to the house you grew up in, there's something undeniably sweet about leaving your home as a daughter and coming back a married woman. Plus, you can use your old stomping grounds as meaningful photo opportunities. When you get your album back, we can all but guarantee there won't be a dry eye in the house.

The more, the merrier.

With a destination wedding, the bride and groom often have to accept the fact that a much smaller percentage of guests will be able to attend the nuptials. But when you keep things local odds are, the majority of your friends and loved ones will be able to participate in the exciting day. That means fewer guest list cutoffs, more hilarious photo booth snaps with people you never expected to be in the same room, and a full dance floor.


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