Are the actress and her boyfriend discussing marriage?
Mandy Moore Golden Globes 2017
Credit: Getty Images

Mandy Moore has been keeping busy with hit-show This Is Us. But the actress is also enjoying her personal life, and especially her relationship with boyfriend Taylor Goldsmith. Moore and the guitarist of Dawes just celebrated their two-year anniversary, and things are only looking up for the longtime pair as of late.

Moore told People that she's "grateful every day" for the life she's currently living. She also spilled that the thought of re-marrying has definitely crossed her mind. Calling the idea "not scary," she said she'd "definitely get married again." "My life has sort of taken unexpected twists and turns professionally and personally, but overall my journey is the reason I am here today and I feel fulfilled by everything that happened," she added. She seems to be open to moving on and exploring new adventures.

The celeb also made it clear that ideally, babies are in the cards. "I'm definitely ready for motherhood sooner rather than later!" she told People. "I think that's going to be the next chapter."

Moore has been open on social media about her connection with Goldsmith. "You know you're with the right person when they don't think twice about waking up at 5:30am on vacation to go tour some slot canyons," she wrote recently. We're excited to see what the future holds for these lovebirds-especially if mini Moores are involved!


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