What this means for your wedding planning.
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So he popped the question on Valentine's Day-how sweet is that? While you relish the fact that you'll have a built-in reason to celebrate all future Valentine's Days as your engagement anniversary, there are a few things you're probably starting to think about. Whether you'll have an engagement party, how long you'd like to be engaged, what time of year you'd like to wed, and how to tackle this whole wedding planning adventure are all on the shortlist of things to consider.

Ways to Make a Valentine's Day Proposal a Surprise

One of the first things you'll want to start thinking about is an engagement party. Most couples wait a few weeks after their engagement to have an engagement party, traditionally hosted by the bride's parents but another family member or close friends of the bride and groom could do the honors instead. Some couples have two parties-one thrown by family, the other by friends.

Another thing to consider is the length of your engagement. While many couples spend between 10 to 14 months planning their wedding, you may decide you'd like to get it done quickly and before the year's end. You'll have to be flexible with your choices, efficient with your time management, and organized to pull it off in less than a year, but it's absolutely doable with a positive outlook and the right team of vendors.

Whether you'd like a fall, winter, spring, or summer wedding is one of the major considerations to come into play in the early stages of planning. If you're hoping to pull off an autumn wedding, that could mean you'll either be engaged for less than eight months or a year and eight months. Location certainly matters when you're deciding, as some destinations are prone to be rainy in spring or fall, extremely hot in summer, and snowy in winter.

You can also take this time to start doing a little preliminary research. Rather than diving straight into calling venues and coordinating vendors right now, take some time to enjoy being engaged and ask friends and family about their experiences with wedding planning. You may end up with a few recommendations that help determine the type of wedding you end up having. This is also a great time to treat yourself and your fiancé to a celebratory getaway or some luxurious spa treatments. The stress of planning may kick in later down the road, but no need to think about that now.

If you're already feeling a bit stressed over questions about the wedding and where to begin the wedding planning process, rest assured there are organized ways to tackle this. Like any big project, we usually like to start with a to-do list. Take a look at the Martha Stewart Weddings Ultimate Wedding Planning Timeline to get the ball rolling and kick off the planning in an organized manner. And remember this time is about celebrating you and your forever valentine.


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