Ribbon, Fabric, and Rickrack Flowers

To create faux blooms in a variety of textures, sizes, and shapes, use ribbons, fabric, and rickrack in different widths and weaves.

Photo: Johnny Miller

The Tools

  • Rickrack, ribbon, or woven fabric
  • Artificial stamens
  • Milliner's sewing needle
  • Thread
  • Floral wire and tape
  • Liquid seam sealant
  • Tacky glue

Note: For fabric, opt for lightweight cotton (such as most quilting fabrics), since they can be easily torn along the fabric's grain.


Ribbon and Fabric Flowers How-To

For fabric flowers, tear fabric into 1-inch strips and cut to 8 inches long. For ribbon flowers, use 1/2-inch ribbon cut to 4 inches long.

Harry Bates

1. Use thread in matching color (knot the end) to sew a running stitch lengthwise along one edge of the strip or ribbon.

Harry Bates

2. Slide fabric along thread, drawstring style, to gather.

Harry Bates

3. Bring ends of fabric together, right sides facing, and sew. Snip off excess seam allowance, and apply seam sealant to cut edges of fabric to prevent unraveling. Fold a few stamens in half, then slip a 10-inch floral wire through them at the fold; fold the wire in half, and twist to secure. Insert stem into center of flower so stamen heads emerge just a bit; add a dab of tacky glue to secure, and let dry. Wrap stem in floral tape.


Rickrack Flowers How-To

Count 16 points along lower edge of rickrack; snip with cut edges pointing upward.

Harry Bates

1. Knot thread, and sew through the points along one edge.

Harry Bates

2. Gather rickrack onto needle as you sew.

3. When entire strip is gathered onto needle, hold tightly, and pull the thread through firmly; then stitch through the first fold and pull tight.

Harry Bates

4. Bring ends of rickrack together, with right sides facing. Sew, then trim off excess seam allowance (do not cut thread).

5. Apply seam sealant to raw edges.

Harry Bates

6. On underside of flower, backstitch points together; anchor end of thread with tiny stitches. Fold a few stamens in half; slip floral wire through them at the fold, fold wire in half, and twist to secure. Insert stem into center of flower; dab on tacky glue to secure, and let dry. Wrap stem in floral tape.

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