His proposal (and this couple's love story!) will blow you away.
Chase Bryant Kourtney Kellar

Country star Chase Bryant is engaged to model and activist Kourtney Kellar! You might want to sit down to read the proposal story-it's that sweet. On Monday, under a light rainfall, Bryant asked Kellar, the current Miss Texas, to spend forever with him in the exact spot where the couple shared their first kiss. And that story is just as dreamy. In an attempt to take their friendship to the next level, he invited Kellar to star in his "Room to Breathe" music video, and their "characters" shared a kiss onscreen.

For his proposal, Bryant brought Kellar back to that exact spot and got on one knee. Thanks to a single camera-a far cry from the full crew and multiple cameras that surrounded the couple the first time-People was able to receive and release footage of the moment Kellar accepts the proposal.

Bryant, who is currently touring with Brad Paisley, is overjoyed. "If you told me at the moment we met that I would be lucky enough to marry Kourtney, I would have said you were crazy," Bryant said. "It was incredible that we were able to have this special moment in the same spot as our first kiss. We are so excited to see what our future together holds."

Kellar, the founder of a non-profit that aids human trafficking victims, took to Instagram to share a photo that was taken just moments after things became official. "He asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I'm on cloud nine," she wrote in the caption. Her hashtags, namely #ihadnoidea, indicate that Bryant's romantic proposal came completely out of the blue.


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