His fiancée loves her new ring.
Gregory Smith and Taylor McKay
Credit: Gregory Smith via Instagram

Another celebrity couple is set to tie the knot! Everwood's Gregory Smith just got engaged to actress Taylor McKay, and both stars shared excited announcements.

Smith first made the news public a month ago today, posting a photo on Instagram of the couple about to kiss. "Thank you [McKay] for agreeing to spend our lives together. You make me so happy. I love you," he wrote, captioning the candid pic.

McKay shared the same image, along with a few others. Some show the couple posing, while others are close-ups of her round engagement ring. "On Friday night this man made me speechless...LOVE of my LIFE," she said. Based on the post, Smith proposed back on July 28th.

If it wasn't already obvious that McKay's completely obsessed with her new relationship status and bling, the model posted another image shortly after. "For the last shot of the day I asked the photographer if I could put my ring back on and steal an iPhone shot," she shared. "Fiancé[e]-ing so hard right now," she added. "I just can't help it!!" And when Smith 'grammed a snapshot of the pair on a recent outdoorsy trip, McKay made sure her shiny jewelry was pictured front and center.

According to social media, the longtime couple has been together since at least 2011. In November 2015, McKay shared a photo of Smith, and her caption revealed their relationship's four-year mark. "Light of my life in sunshine & shade," she added.


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