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dessert table
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Upon entering her bachelorette party in May, bride Veronica Lombardo was taken aback. The event was held in her own backyard in Los Angeles, but it may as well have been another world for all the dreamy details her friend Laurén LaRocca, co-founder and party designer at Twink + Sis, developed just for her.

"The idea was to invite the bride's closest girlfriends for a night of drinks, desserts, and games, as a slightly elevated bachelorette party," Laurén said. "Not quite as formal as a shower. Just girls hanging out and having fun." That meant beautiful beverages and bites, displays dripping with boho-chic décor, a comfy lounge area made for mingling, and fun games and activities.

Here, a vintage rug served as a cozy canvas for the jaw-dropping dessert table display, while above, a rope and tassels installation framing a diamond-shaped piñata provided a focal point and nodded to the bride's engagement ring.

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The Bride and the Host

boho chic bachelorette party host
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The bachelorette party was tailored to the bride's tastes "in every way," Veronica (pictured left with host Laurén on the right) said, "from my favorite color (purple) to my favorite metal (copper), favorite flowers (dahlias, ranunculus, and peonies), favorite bubbly (Prosecco), favorite foods (sweets). Twink + Sis got every aspect of the color palette, design aesthetic, and flavors to identify me, not to mention topped it off with vintage elements (glasses, furniture), yet another favorite of mine."

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The Spread

dessert table
Alissa Noelle Photography

The standout element of the day? The food and drink display. Since the bride loves her sweets, the table was teeming with desserts. Twink + Sis custom-made the tassels and collaborated with Iris & Daughter for the rope, which served as a beautiful backdrop and was also woven through the buffet items.

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The Flowers

boho chic bachelorette cake party flowers
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"We decided to 'think outside the box' (pun intended!) for the florals, which spilled out of clear acrylic boxes and gave guests a 365-degree view of lush greens and flowers [by florist Iris & Daughter]," Laurén said. "Iris & Daughter did an amazing job bringing that vision to life."

Copper and gold candleholders and vases infused the boho-chic theme with a bit of glamour. "We really wanted the party to have luxe layers of bohemian and modern," Laurén said.

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The Cake

boho chic bachelorette party cake topper
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Because it's not a party without cake, Whisk & Whittle made a marbled berry cake, complete with subtle brushstrokes on the outside and bright blooms on top.

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The Donuts

boho chic bachelorette party blackberry cookies
Alissa Noelle Photography

Mini glazed donuts topped with blackberries and a sprig of rosemary were just one of the bite-size cake alternatives on offer.

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The Sugar Cookies

Pastel and Pyrite Table Setting
Alissa Noelle Photography

Gems, like the shape of these pretty pastel sugar cookies by Holly Fox, were a recurring motif at the party.

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The Chocolate Tarts

boho chic bachelorette chocolate tarts
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A fourth option, tiny chocolate hazelnut tarts topped with edible flowers by Whisk & Whittle, rounded out the dessert display.

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The Glassware

boho chic bachelorette party wine glasses
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"The acrylic boxes did triple duty by also providing a shelf of height for drinking glasses and other party décor," Laurén said. Custom-braided tassels made from natural twine adorned each goblet for a simple yet chic touch that reiterated the bohemian installation overhead. "A small, intimate party is such a treat," Laurén said. "You can create so many lovely details when you don't have 100 people to feed and sit, etc."

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The Best Seat In the House

boho chic bachelorette party bride chair
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Naturally, the bride-to-be was given VIP seating: A grand peacock chair "throne" decked out with a floral garland, where she sat and sipped rosé in her floral dress and flower crown to match.

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The Lounge Area

party lounge area
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A sweet little seating area surrounded by string lights, potted plants, and cheery balloons provided a pretty place for party guests to kick back. "We wanted the party to be sophisticated but still girly and fun," Laurén said. "So we added huge balloons with greens and flowers to carry through this romantic theme."

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The Décor

boho chic bachelorette party decor pillows
Alissa Noelle Photography

Moroccan wedding pillows from Anthropologie cozied up the lounge area and tied in the boho-chic theme.

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The Table

boho chic bachelorette party centerpiece sign
Alissa Noelle Photography

Another gorgeous flower arrangement by Iris & Daughter dressed up the coffee table, along with taper candles and a custom sign by A Dapper Line. "The bride is Italian and their wedding was in Italy, so I wanted to have something special to represent that," Laurén said. So, she asked the father of the bride to translate "A toast to beautiful Veronica" into Italian ("un brindisi all bella Veronica") and had it handpainted onto a golden, gem-shaped sign for a personal touch.

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The Drink Garnish

bachelorette party drink
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Even the beverages, contained in old-fashioned glasses from Anthropologie, were upgraded with beautiful blooms.

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The Activity

boho chic bachelorette party activity weaving
Alissa Noelle Photography

For a fun ice breaker, Twink + Sis hired an instructor from the art studio Makers Mess to demonstrate how to make a woven wall hanging. While chatting and sipping drinks, all the guests contributed to the piece, which is now displayed in the bride's office. "It's an example of the friendships I have with some very special women in my life," Veronica said, listing the activity as one of the most memorable parts of the day.

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The Games

party games favors
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Guests played Bachelorette Scattergories and completed a personalized quiz about the bride. "[The quiz] is always the biggest hit at every party or shower we have ever done," Laurén said. "It is the most labor intensive, but in my opinion, well worth it. It's very personal and unique to the guest-of-honor and makes them feel special. It also is a great way for her guests to learn more about her. It usually gets some good laughs and creates a bonding experience for the guests."

Prior to the event, the host even had the bride's fiancé answer some questions. "It was fun to hear people's answers to questions ranging from relationship details, to questions about my own personal quirks, of which there are many it turns out!" said the bride.

To send guests away smiling, Laurén and her crew used the leftover tassel yarn from the dessert table installation to decorate Compartés artisan chocolate bars, which served as prizes for the game winners.

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The Sources

Guests at this boho-chic bachelorette party laugh and mingle while playing games
Alissa Noelle Photography

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