Plus the HGTV star has already shared some potential wedding plans.
Drew Scott and Linda Phan
Credit: Linda Phan via Instagram

One of HGTV's Scott twins recently got engaged, and no, it's not Jonathan. Drew Scott, the lovable Property Brothers personality, has put a ring on longtime girlfriend Linda Phan-and his proposal was just as exciting as the realty magic he makes on TV!

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According to People, the proposal was elaborate, and as thoughtful as you can imagine. Scott, who's dabbled in country music with his Property Brothers co-host and twin brother Jonathan, pre-recorded a cover of Train's "Marry Me" for the occasion. Then, while dining out at Toronto's Piano Piano restaurant, the realtor made his move.

When the eatery began playing his custom track, the staff appeared with an illustrated cake, which depicted scenes from Oh the Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss (a favorite book of Phan's, says People). The text, however, swapped "you'll" for "we," hinting at Scott's intentions.

Phan said yes, and the two happily headed off to a surprise engagement party-one that Phan, who works as creative director for Scott Brothers Entertainment, had been led to think was a company holiday party.

Since then, Scott and his fiancée have revealed more about their relationship, plus details on their upcoming wedding.

The TV personality first met Phan at the 2010 Toronto Fashion Week, reports People. Phan, who was playing the role of fashion police officer, immediately caught Scott's eye. "She was wearing a big cop badge and giving out tickets for 'bad' fashion," recalls Scott, who thought "she had a great personality."

The not-so-smooth pickup line that set the pair off? "Hey, where'd you get that water?" Scott asked Phan.

Months later, the two embarked on their first date, which Phan describes as "the longest first date ever." After indulging at separate sushi and hot chocolate joints, Scott invited himself to a karaoke party Phan was attending. Scott's singing struck a chord, and the two have been smitten since.

While the couple's still in the early stages of nuptial planning, People quotes Scott as saying that he and Phan "love the idea of a destination wedding." There's also been thought put into the groomsmen lineup: "I have two great options," admits Scott (twin Jonathan and older brother J.D.), "so I might have to do a double best man."

Rumor has it the lovebirds will wed sometime next year. Best wishes and congratulations!


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