These elements will impact the look you choose.
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While it's always a good idea to bring inspiration images to your hair and makeup trial, there are a few other things you should be prepared to know before meeting with your glam squad. To ensure you make the most of your first appointment, we chatted with hairstylist Jennifer Grace of Jennifer Grace Stylists and makeup artist Erick Gerson of EG Makeup to find out which wedding details you absolutely need to finalize before you start planning your bridal look.

Your Dress

Hair, makeup, and wardrobe should all complement each other on the wedding day. As such, Grace recommends that every bride bring a photo of her wedding dress to her trial in order to determine which hairstyles will work best. It's especially important to see the neckline of the gown to ensure the final look won't cover up any gorgeous detailing or feel like a totally different vibe.

Your Date

The seasonality of your wedding can affect the hair and makeup techniques your pros may choose to use, so don't jump the gun on this one. If you're getting married in the blazing August sun, your hairstylist may not recommend the same finger-curled look he or she would have for November nuptials. Same goes for your makeup. Your pro will likely need to use different products for the more humid months than he or she would typically choose for a cool-weather wedding.

Your Venue

Both Gerson and Grace say it's so important for your hair and makeup artist to know what your venue is like. A black-tie affair in a ballroom calls for different makeup than a beach wedding. Similarly, a hairstyle that's perfect for an indoor ceremony may melt the minute it hits the sun in an outdoor cocktail hour.

Your Theme

Your wedding's theme is a reflection of your personal style, so this is a great way to help your beauty team better understand what you do and don't like. "Knowing the style she's going for is going to help to better visualize the makeup style that fits her the best," says Gerson. Additionally, if you already know the day's color palette, your makeup artist can be sure to stay away from anything that may clash.


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