If this sounds the relationship you have with your future mother-in-law, then you know you're in.
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Credit: Kate Headley

Hollywood portrays mothers-in-law as competitive, jealous women who don't approve of their son's impending marriage. Thankfully, though, movies tend to exaggerate the truth, and most brides-to-be don't have a tumultuous relationship with their fiancé's mom. Want to ensure your bond has a solid footing? Here are eight signs your future mother-in-law really likes you.

She respects your opinions.

Chances are, your mother-in-law won't agree with all of your opinions regarding money, relationships, career, and domestic life. If she resists the urge to critique and argue, she's trying to maintain a healthy relationship in spite of the differences.

She wants to know you.

Does your mother-in-law inquire about your personal life, interests, hobbies, and career? Then she's interested in knowing more about you as a person. Return the favor by asking about her personal-you might build a lasting friendship together!

She doesn't make comparisons.

Maybe your sister-in-law makes twice as much money as you, or she volunteers for several charity organizations. If your mother-in-law likes you, she wouldn't try to make comparisons, but will instead appreciate and respect your differences.

She invites you to family affairs.

After tying the knot, you'll no doubt be invited to all family gatherings. A mother-in-law who welcomes you to these celebrations before the big day already considers you part of the family. Thank goodness for not-so-awkward Thanksgiving dinners!

She respects you when you aren't around.

Some mothers-in-law resemble high school bullies: They act sweet to your face, but critique and criticize you the moment you've left the room. There's no need to worry if she never speaks an ill word about you behind your back, whether it's to your fiancé, her husband, or another relative.

She remembers the big stuff.

The best mother-in-law not only remembers your birthday, but picks out a personal gift she knows you'll love.

She understands your boundaries.

There's nothing worse than an untimely last-minute visit from your mother-in-law, especially when you're dealing with a busy schedule and messy house. An admiring mother-in-law won't act intrusive in any way, and you won't have to worry about her "checking in" all the time.

She's excited for your future together.

Your mother-in-law is probably head-over-heels excited for the wedding day. But if she's also excited for what comes after the big day-from grandkids to family vacations-then you can rest assured knowing she loves you.


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