26 Nontraditional Looks for the Fashion-Forward Groom

lindsey william wedding dc tuxedo
Photo: Abby Jiu Photography

There's so much more to a groom's wedding-day look than a black-and-white tux.

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Burgundy suit jacket
Mango Studios

There's nothing like a well-dressed groom. Of course, the definition of "well-dressed" varies from person to person, and is largely dependent on the wedding venue, level of formality, and man-of-the-hour's personal style. In short: When it comes to wedding day fashion, no one groom's tux fits all. While the classic black-and-white tux will always fall into the dapper category, we love a man willing to take a risk. Whether that means swapping a black suit for something cobalt blue or opting for a velvet jacket, we're all for your favorite guys' best fashion moments.

Here, you'll find a roundup of next-level groom looks from real weddings. From paisley-patterned shirts and gold shoes to jackets in tartan prints, there's a fashion upgrade to correspond with every man's personality. While no two of these looks are quite the same, we did notice one thing—deep shades of red, like burgundy, and creamy pinks seem to be the new favorites amongst the guys. You've likely seen these hues on bridesmaids' dresses, but we have to say—the boys rock it just as well.

At the end of the day, what your man wears down the aisle is his decision. If his vision of his wedding day includes a traditional fitted suit, then that's what he should wear. If he's looking to push boundaries—or even break the "rules" entirely—let the following grooms serve as his guide. With unexpected, mismatched colorways and luxe fabrics, these styles might even inspire a look he never knew he wanted. Ready to see them for yourself? Grab your groom and get clicking.

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Shades of Pink

pink suit jacket
Alisa Ferris

Both of these grooms rocked shades of pink—we're particularly fond of that salmon-colored jacket—to their garden wedding.

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Chambray Cool

non traditional suit
Izzy Hudgins Photography

For his elopement, a chambray suit, pale-blue Vans, a plaid shirt, and a crisp navy bow tie helped this man achieve refined casualness.

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Burgundy Crushed Velvet

red printed suit
Tyler Rye

A black-lined, wine-colored tux got a little extra allure thanks to a velvety texture.

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mismatched suit
Justin Tearney

Speaking of burgundy—this groom paired his jewel-toned pants with a cream tweed jacket and cognac loafers for a relaxed, informal vibe.

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Gold Kicks

gray suits
Sylvie Gil Photography

The groom on the left elevated his crisp gray ensemble with glittery gold slip-ons.

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Floral Shirt

floral shirt
Hailley Howard

A muted chambray suit and matching tie kept a rose-covered dress shirt from looking too over-the-top.

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striped suit jacket
David Newkirk

Navy striped seersucker and a pink gingham perfectly captured this man-of-the-hour's ultra-preppy style—but the black-rimmed glasses made the look.

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Jade and Plaid

plaid suit
Julian Beattie

A gray plaid suit got a pop of color by way of a jade-toned tie.

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Ruby and Sapphire

velvet suit jacket
Leighanne Herr

This groom channeled our favorite gemstones when putting together this velvet ensemble—we particularly loved how the ruby-hued bow tie brought the whole look together.

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tan suit jacket
Amy Anaiz Photography

A beige fedora and jacket, complete with a polka-dotted pocket square, looked casual but fresh at this afternoon affair.

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checkered suit jacket
Anna Delores Photography

With that classic black-and-white color scheme in mind, this groom reinvented the black-tie wheel with a fitted checked jacket and specs.

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Cognac, Cranberry, and Navy

Burgundy suit
Blest Studios

Three rich, complimentary colors made this dapper man stand out on his big day.

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Floral Blues

two grooms kissing
Alexis June Weddings

We loved how these newlyweds subtly coordinated their looks with tonal shades of blue—from one groom's teal pants, to the other's powder blue floral jacket and cerulean shoes, these two looked even better together.

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green suit
M&J Photography

While it's difficult to rival with the radiance of a bride, this groom held his own in this emerald ensemble.

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Leather and Slate

blue jacket brown pants
The Toths

A leather-colored wide-brimmed hat brought a touch of the bohemian to this husband's earth-toned look.

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Flannel Colors

wedding rings
Lauren Kinsey

These grooms suited up in varying shades of green, red, and navy—three hues commonly found in cozy flannel.

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lindsey william wedding dc tuxedo
Abby Jiu Photography

"The fabric that my tux was made with grabbed my attention as soon as I saw it," said this groom of his custom ensemble, made by Sim Khan.

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En Vogue

george shawn wedding grooms by flowers
Ben Christensen Photography

Both of these gents brought major style to their Palm Springs wedding, but Shawn's symmetrically-patterned Alexander McQueen suit (seen left) stole the show.

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Electric Blue

wedding couple
Lindsay Vann Photography

This groom softened his cobalt blue look with a multicolored floral tie.

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All Black Everything

Winter Boutonniere
Hannah Costello

With a black shirt, tie, and suit jacket, this monochrome tux was unexpectedly fresh.

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Pink Moment

Keira Lemonis Photography

This proud husband upgraded his gray suit with a sliver of pink.

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Floral and Chambray

Rebekah Molloy

Both of these grooms turned to J. Crew for their subtle gray floral and chambray styles.

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Bold and Blue

Steve Steinhardt

A bright blue jacket, embossed with swirly patterns, was the perfect complement to a streamlined black velvet tux.

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Jenelle Kappe

For their island wedding in the Bahamas, these grooms had their dress pants altered into shorts to keep cool in the heat.

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Pink Panels

perri phil wedding suits
Steve Steinhardt

This gentleman opted for a pink lining when designing his suit, a choice aimed to please his bride—he also convinced his new father-in-law to get in on the fun.

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wedding bride and groom outdoor
Corbin Gurkin

Matching bomber jackets never looked so good. This bride and groom both got in on the faux-leather fun.

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