Ideas for Celebrating the First Anniversary of Your Engagement

How to pay tribute to one of the most magical moments of your life (so far).

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It will stay with you for the rest of your life: The memory of the time he got down on one knee (he went old school!), popped out a diamond ring from his pocket, and asked you to marry him. How could you not celebrate such an auspicious occasion? Whether you've already gotten married or are still waiting for that walk down the aisle, take time to commemorate that special day. Chances are, you won't celebrate future engagement anniversaries, so acknowledging this will make it that much sweeter. We have some ideas about how to get the celebrating going.


Re-enact the proposal.

Corny? A bit. Romantic? Definitely. Return to the scene on the same day and time and have him propose to you all over again. No need to remove your ring-it's the words and feelings you want to remember, not the jewelry. If you were in a restaurant, go back and, if you remember, order the same meal!

Write each other poems or love letters.

If you're saving for your upcoming wedding, this gift will fit right into your budget (price: $0). You may have to nudge him to play poet or letter-writer but it'll be well worth it to get his feelings on paper. And if you're writing custom vows, this is a good start.

Give each other sweets.

Stop in to your favorite candy shop and pick out some treats to share. This is perfect if you want to keep the anniversary acknowledgment low-key but still want to do something special. Extra points if you find a goody that's heart-shaped!

Invite your parents to dinner.

It's a wonderful way of showing them how grateful you've been for their support during the past year. Don't worry about the food: Your parents will just be glad to spend time with you and won't be expecting a fancy dinner. If you're not into cooking, get takeout. If you've gotten pretty dishes and trays as engagement or wedding gifts, now's the time to use them, even if you're not married yet. Never pass up a chance to use the good stuff!

Give back.

Doing a good deed that makes others in your community happy is a way of making your engagement anniversary especially memorable. Whether you help clean up a local park or donate a pint of blood, doing a charitable act will bring joy to your life in ways you wouldn't expect.

Propose to him.

Assuming he proposed to you the first time out, turn the tables and surprise him with a "will you marry me?" scenario. It'll give him the chance to feel the happiness you felt in that moment a year ago.

Get pampered.

Do something nice for yourselves that you don't normally do like a couple's massage, pedicure, or facial. You'll feel relaxed and rejuvenated and ready for the year ahead!

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