Don't let stress dim the flame!
couple planning at table

Planning your wedding can either be stressful and nerve-wracking or full of joy and fun. When you fall into the former camp, it can be easy to pick at and bicker with your future spouse. While it's normal for couples to fight from time to time, wedding planning should never take away from the love you feel for your partner. If handling the logistics is beginning to get the better of you, take a break and follow these tips to help you keep the love alive.

Be clear about expectations.

Do you want your significant other to weigh in on all the little details? Is it important to you that he/she attends all vendor meetings? Ask yourself those types of questions at the very beginning and then relay your expectations so you don't finding yourself later asking questions like, "Well, why don't you care?" later on.

Talk about the non-negotiables.

Remember that it's not just your day. It's a day to celebrate the both of you! If you are the one doing most of the planning, ask your partner one to three things that he/she specifically wants for either the ceremony or the reception. Then both of you can say that the day was exactly what you wanted.

Give yourself a free day.

You know this already, but it needs to be said again: Wedding planning can be stressful. While it's easy to make talking about the wedding a part of every single conversation you have together, don't let it be that way. Go on a date where anything wedding related is not allowed to be discussed so you can both recharge.

Remember who's getting married here

We can't repeat this enough: The wedding is about you two as a couple. Don't let outside people, especially close family and friends, influence how your decisions since too much additional input can lead to fights between the two of you. Set healthy boundaries with people and let them know that it's about what is important to you and your spouse.

Be kind to each other.

It's really easy to let your awful dress fitting or long day at work dampen your attitude. The most important thing you can do for one another is to be kind. Remember that you're a team now. Listen to one another, and hear what the other has to say before speaking up. Try to go through all of your decisions hand-in-hand, while being mindful of the other person's feelings.


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